10 Reasons Why the Direct Selling Industry is Booming Even in Failing Economic Conditions

In its 70+ year history, the Direct Selling industry has consistently shown growth during the worst of economic times. Here, in my opinion, are the reasons why:

1. Necessary Hedge Against The Myth of Job Security – People who never before looked into making extra money now find themselves surfing the internet for answers to make ends meet – or even replace a corporate income and 80-hour work week. They are no longer sitting around wondering if their hours are going to get cut or if they’ll get laid off. Instead, many are opting to implement a “Plan B” which often moves into the primary plan when the main source of income suddenly decreases or disappears.

2. Recommended by Financial Experts – Today’s top financial and business education gurus are praising the Direct Selling Industry for its many perks. In their book “Why We Want You To Be Rich”, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki devote an entire chapter promoting Network Marketing (another name for this specific genre of distribution) as one of only three options they offer to play the wealth game instead of falling into poverty.

3. Freedom and Flexibility – The freedom and flexibility to choose when, how often, how much and with whom you do business is a luxury traditional employment does not offer. You have the option of eliminating stress-inducing customers to salvage your own well-being, and have the power to channel your energies into acquiring and servicing grateful customers without the fear of retribution from your boss.

4. Minimal Risk with Maximum Return – Most direct selling companies offer very low to moderate initial investments (and often a small monthly investment to maintain account status) which can generate a high earning potential. The key is to also find a company that offers top-notch training and support to help you maximize growth opportunities.

5. Equal Opportunity – Direct selling does not discriminate based on gender, education, previous experience, financial status, age or ethnicity. The playing field is leveled and your success is determined only by your passion, diligence and ability to implement training provided.

6. No Boundaries or Limits – When you’re the boss, YOU decide when to give yourself a raise! Typically, there are no sales territories or restrictions – giving you access to national and often international markets! As an independent consultant, you set your own goals and design your lifestyle.

7. Tax Benefits – Having a home-based business is one of the best ways to legally decrease your tax liability. Although this reason is not the most exciting aspect of having a home-based business, it certainly helps in your journey towards creating wealth. In fact, most financial literacy educators would agree that one of the biggest disparities between the income classes is the way in which they handle their tax liabilities.

8. Relationships and Social Interaction – Direct selling is an industry built on relationships. Viral marketing or word of mouth advertising has proven to be the most effective way to advertise. For example, if a new restaurant paid for a full page newspaper ad announcing their opening – but it was located 45 minutes away, you probably would not go. However, if a friend described the elegant atmosphere, the aroma or the sizzling steak as it came to your table, the mouth-watering desert that you shared with someone special and the unmatched service you received – then you’d probably make that trip just to experience it for yourself. That’s direct selling at its best! The only problem is, you don’t receive compensation for that type of viral marketing.

9. Recognition – As direct selling companies thrive, they excel at praising the workforce that assisted in that success. Recognition is something that is practically non-existent in an adult’s day-to-day life – unless you are part of a network marketing company.

10. Personal Development – The most successful direct selling companies are the ones that focus not just on sales and product training, but also personal development training. Some people join a direct selling company just to take part in some life-changing, thought-provoking, paradigm-shifting personal development life education.

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