2022 Horoscope Taurus

Overview of 2022. In 2022, Taurus, a delightful completion in your work life, provides you prizes and recognition. When it comes to career matters this year, your intuition is usually right on. Remember that the more you believe in your intuition, the more it will come to you. You were having a fantastic time at work in 2022, and your cheerful attitude is paying off. On the professional front, my todays horoscope specific remarkable incidents occur that smack of synchronicity and “magic.” Connections that advance your job goals are created and appear apparently out of nowhere–at just the appropriate times!

Introductions to new people and lifestyles continue to broaden your horizons. This year, casual partnerships will continue to mature and become more serious. Work and health issues get more serious near the end of 2022. A partner is more goal-oriented and approaches your relationship from a more pragmatic standpoint. A lover may find your shifting lifestyle or friendships challenging to accept this year, especially in February and September. Periods of intense intimacy occur in May, July, and December, yet they also bring forth fantastic job chances.

In mid-November, the Saturn-Pluto square is most likely to bring work obstacles, but it might also be a trying time for a spouse. From June 6 to July 5, there is a high level of passion and romance.

2022 Specifics. Jupiter has risen to the very top of your chart–the most noticeable sector–and will remain there for the rest of the year. You will likely receive a fantastic employment opportunity, prize, recognition, or promotion. A chance to grow globally has arrived, and increased contacts and experiences play a role. This is a time of development as well as blossoming or fruition.

Jupiter enlarges whatever section of your natal chart it touches, and it has an impact on your job, reputation, and public life. Jupiter is in a really good position! This job is distinguished by increased public awareness and professional success. This can be a period of achievement, career advancement, and business success. During this period, work-related travel or reaching a larger audience is conceivable. Your international standing may improve. A promotion, new employment chances, graduation or another significant award, or even marriage, could occur. 

During this cycle, authority figures, elders, your parents, and prominent people in your life tend to support and appreciate you. They are more eager to assist you on your path to achievement. An occurrence may broaden your job or professional interests, causing you to enjoy these pursuits more. You will most likely have more independence in your profession. With Saturn transiting your employment sector for the entire year, this might be a fruitful productivity period. Integrity and honesty will go you far in life these days.

 The more likely you are to succeed. The better your chances of success. the better the rewards will be–this is not the time to be a shrinking violet! These favorable circumstances will not necessarily fall into your lap, and they are unlikely to arrive at once.

The most favorable aspects of this transit are more likely to occur while Jupiter is in direct motion in your tenth house: from January 5 to June 14 and then from October 14 to December.

Saturn will remain in your fifth solar house until the end of October. While you may not spend much time partying at clubs, pubs, or other entertainment places, you are more likely to take your hobbies seriously. Now is a perfect time to monetize any personal hobby–turning it into a business, even if it’s on the side–something you may have already begun to do in 2021. If you have children, they may require more discipline than they have in the past.

Some Taureans will welcome children into their lives and learn about the obligations that come with it. Others who already have children may discover that they have reached an age requiring more attention, discipline, or structure. Saturn’s influence on romance can be positive or negative. For some, romance may be lacking, or a romantic relationship may be more practical than enjoyable. For others, a love relationship stabilizes and matures. Some Tauruses will encounter a new romantic interest who is potentially older or more mature, allowing them to meet Saturn through a partner.

This year, Jupiter will conjunct Neptune in your tenth house three times: May 27, July 10, and December 21. Themes include kindness and charity, connecting with people from other backgrounds, broadening your mind through unique or distinct experiences, enlarged faith, and the belief that anything is possible if you set your eyes high enough. Whether financial or moral, support can come from friends or even organizations when the rulers of your eighth and eleventh houses are aligned.

In July, the Solar and Lunar Eclipses will occur in your third and ninth houses, respectively. The universe is urging you to become more involved in your local surroundings. (neighborhood, with siblings/relatives, etc.) and to learn and express facts that support your ideas. Mobility and transportation may become an issue. Some of you may be learning to rely on others to move from point A to point B, while others may be learning to control your mobility. Your own beliefs may be put to the test. Your desire for adventure or learning may come to the forefront.

You’ve been paying so much attention to routine matters that you’re wondering when you’re going to have any fun. You want to take a risk right now.

Because the August Lunar Eclipse falls in your tenth solar house, you may need to reconsider and revise your job ambitions. Concerns about one’s career reach a boiling point. You’ve been summoned to perform, possibly at short notice. As a result, it is critical to maintain your calm and do everything possible to demonstrate your ability.

Your best financial months in 2022 are May 20-31 and July 5-14. However, keep an eye out for overspending, especially between July 12 and July 26.