There are many reasons for which people go into business for themselves. For a sizable number of budding entrepreneurs, the prospect of being one’s own boss and exercising full control over an independently-owned enterprise is simply too much to pass up. However, the general unpredictability of the current job market and rapidly fluctuating supply and demand in virtually every sector have made many people think twice about putting their entrepreneurial talents to practical use. If you’re currently on the fence about going into business for yourself, the following perks may help bring you around.

1. Being in Control of Your Own Livelihood

There are some definite advantages to working for other people, but as virtually any member of the workforce will tell you, they don’t outweigh the negatives. Placing your entire livelihood in the hands of an employer ensures that you’re constantly at their mercy. Because of this, a staggering number of individuals abstain from complaining when they’re treated unfairly or outright callously by their respective employers. This situation has only been made worse by the fact that countless companies have placed a freeze of full-time hiring following the market crash of 2008. Even if you’ve never been mistreated by an employer, being in control of your own livelihood can be immensely liberating and fill you with tremendous confidence. Engineering entrepreneurs itching to take control of their own livelihood can get the skills they need at

2. Having the Power to Make Decisions

Many members of the workforce feel undervalued at their jobs. In a number of cases, these individuals don’t feel that their ideas are heard or valued by the people at the top. On the flip side, starting your own business ensures that you’re the chief decision maker. Anyone tired of having their good ideas consistently ignored by the top brass is sure to appreciate having final say over every decision, large and small.

3. Feeling Consistently Motivated

Floundering motivation is a problem in many workplaces – and this is hardly a surprise. When people are underpaid, undervalued, overworked or generally frustrated with their jobs, they aren’t liable to feel particularly motivated to do them well. Conversely, being in control of your own business will fill you with confidence and drive needed to tackle each workday with renewed vigor.

There’s no question that stepping into the unknown can be scary. That being the case, it’s easy to understand why individuals who have spent their entire adult lives working for other people are often hesitant to start their own businesses. Fortunately, for a sizable percentage of entrepreneurs, taking the plunge into business ownership has a wide range of benefits.