3 Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity

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Credit: Christina Morillo via Pexels 

Your workplace’s productivity isn’t meeting your expectations. You want your employees to be more productive, but you don’t want to ask them to work longer hours and stay glued to their desks.

So, how can you boost productivity? These are three ways you can manage it.

1. Address Staff Shortages

Do you have a small team with a large workload? That’s an issue that will directly impact workplace productivity. The small number of employees will each have to juggle far too many tasks at once and inevitably fall behind on deadlines. 

As an employer, the best thing you can do in this situation is fill that staffing shortage as soon as possible. New employees can help your staff pick up the slack and get back on track. 

How can you do this? Start by looking into a professional recruitment agency. Professional recruiters will find you top talent to fill your job openings. After they bring the talent to your door, they will assist you through the major steps in the hiring process, from conducting interviews to onboarding new employees.

Find recruiters that specialize in the jobs you’re hoping to fill. For instance, you should turn to these NYC sales recruiters if you’re planning on adding sales experts to your team. They will find you highly qualified candidates that can meet your sales expectations and mesh with your team.

2. Reduce Meetings

Are your employees always in meetings? That will affect their productivity. All that time they spend sitting inside a boardroom or listening to a Zoom call could be better spent tackling their long to-do list. 

So, a simple way to boost productivity is to reduce the number of meetings that your employees have to sit through. Instead of holding a brief 5-minute meeting on a company update, send an email. Instead of hosting a meeting to ask team members about their progress in a project, use project management apps like Notion to track the step-by-step progress every team member is making. 

3. Improve the Interior Design

Many office spaces don’t inspire much productivity or creativity. They are poorly lit, minimally decorated and overall dreary in appearance. If your office space looks like this, you should consider giving it a necessary makeover.

Start by fixing the dim lighting. Open up the curtains and let in the natural sunlight. This can improve your employee’s moods and make them feel more energized to tackle their work. If you can’t open up windows because there are none in view, or the sun’s glare disrupts computer-related tasks, you can add task lights to desks. 

Another positive change is to add plants! Many experts believe that adding plants on office desks boosts productivity and job satisfaction, so it would be effective to include plenty of them in your workplace.  

Maybe your office space isn’t dreary at all. Maybe it’s more chaotic and cluttered, and that’s not ideal either. Clutter causes stress, which will inevitably impact employee productivity and create a more negative workplace culture. 

How can you combat clutter?

  • Have the office cleaned regularly
  • Provide plenty of stationary organizers on desks 
  • Put garbage cans and recycling bins under desks
  • Encourage desk cleaning days

Making these three changes could transform your workplace. The entire team could become more productive without even realizing it.