4 Essential Documents You Must Carry In Your Car


The glove compartment in your car is not just meant to keep long drive snacks, but also a handy place to keep necessary documents.

Keeping all the essential documents in your car is as important step as buying a four-wheel vehicle for family trips.

Why you should not take your car out for a spin unless you have these documents, let’s find out here:

  • With the increasing crime rate, you don’t want to get in trouble without the documents as evidence to prove the vehicle is yours, do you? Keeping them determine your lawful ownership of the car.
  • The documents are what show that you are a licensed driver, which means you are permitted to drive a vehicle on the road.
  • These documents are proof that the car you are driving is in good condition. For instance, road transport is one of the major sources of pollution in the UK, accounting for 34 million vehicles; 28 million are only cars.  A document like a pollution certificate determines that your vehicle is only emitting a certain amount of smoke.

Keeping appropriate documents handy, therefore, is essential in any case asked by traffic police, and saving you from any suspicion. Also, keeping the right documents that might be required during random checks or a traffic violation or accidents will save you from big troubles.

Besides, the road accident is one of the most unfortunate things for a car driver, but it does happen! So, it is crucial to keep the following documents in the glove box or your wallet.

Driving License

Your driving license is the most crucial document you should have in your wallet before getting behind the wheels. The driving permit determines that you are a certified driver who not only knows how to drive a vehicle, but also understand the traffic rules and regulations. 

Driving without it can not only cost you heavy fines, but also your vehicle could be impounded for certain days, and your license could be suspended. Further, you might even be covered under a penalty that can increase your insurance policy premium.

Car Insurance Policy Documents

Your vehicle must be covered under very cheap car insurance UK as it is also a vital part of owning a four-wheel vehicle. The Car insurance policy document is basically a slip of paper or an electronic form having all the necessary details and expiry date so that you can renew the policy before it expires. It is another document that you must have in your car as it protects you from the liability in the case of an accident or caught by traffic police.  

Registration Certificate

Registration certificate, RC is the legal proof of ownership of your vehicle. Driving without it is illegal, or you might charge a certain amount of fine if caught. Whether you rent a vehicle or own, it is the next thing a traffic cop would ask during an inspection.

Pollution Card

The pollution certificate is also an essential document you have in your car. It states that your vehicle is not emitting any harmful smoke or fumes and is safe to drive on the road. 


These are the essential documents you need while driving, and you can easily arrange without much running after or around to find them. However, some other documents that you should have with you or at home are vehicle manual, sale documents, maintenance records, etc. So, don’t get caught without the essentials and always keep vital ownership details in your car!