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A wedding reception is incomplete if it does not have a bouquet. This bouquet will be brought by the bride to complete her appearance. Also, this is used for ceremonial throwing flowers. Whoever catches this flower, he is believed to be soon to be married. For this reason, decorating or decorating flowers is a choice. because not everyone can make a neat and charming bouquet. But now, you can try it yourself by making a practical and economical wedding bouquet of your own. For more information, you can visit flower delivery at Ivanhoe.

1. So that your flower stem is completely closed, you can use oil paper

The materials that you need for the flower wrap are a square tissue paper and a square brown paper. For chocolate wrapping paper, make sure it is smaller than tissue paper. If you don’t have tissue paper, use oil paper. You can replace the chocolate wrapping paper with a plain brown book cover.

In addition to the two types of paper, prepare tools such as string fibers, tape or rubber bands, and of course the flowers themselves. If so, provide several flower stems, make one, and cut the stems that are too long to be the same height for each flower. Tie everything with rubber or tape until it is tight.

Then place the square tissue paper with one of the corners on top (forming a rhombus). Place the flower ties above it, right in the middle of the paper. Provide a little remaining paper at the bottom of the bar. Fold the left side of the paper until the flower stems are closed. Continue by folding the paper under the bar upwards. Finish by folding the paper on the right side.

If so, a bouquet that has been wrapped in brown paper earlier can be placed on brown wrapping paper. Repeat the folding steps as in the tissue paper earlier. For the final look, tie a bouquet on the stem with a string of string. If there is no rope, you can choose a ribbon or other thin rope.

2. The flower bouquet does not have to be elongated stem

All you need to prepare is a small box with a lid. This can be found at stores that sell gifts. Then also provide a thick plastic bag or aluminum foil, double-sided tape, and floral foam (a special cork for sticking flower stems).

First, cut the plastic bag up to the same size as the volume of the box. Lay these bags at the bottom of the box. Only then, cut floral foam with an area that is almost the same as the box. However, the foam height is enough to make one or a third of the box. Place it in the box.

Then, cut the flower stems to the same height as the box. Plug the stem into the floral foam that was placed earlier. Well, your bouquet is ready. So that the fresh flowers last longer, you can pour a little water on the foam.

3. A beautiful flower bouquet can also be made by wrapping a ribbon.

This minimalist bouquet requires only a few devices. The device in question is two pins, masking tape, enough satin ribbon, and the flower itself. Start by tying the flower stems with tape. The length of the masking tape is the length of the handgrip. Tie it several times to ensure firmness and hide the uneven parts of the stem.

After the tape, turn to tape the tape with the pins under the flower ties. Then wrap the ribbon until the entire masking tape is covered. Finish by pinning the pins to the end of the ribbon.

Pin the ribbon with a pin at the bottom of the flower band. Then wrap it to the top until it covers the masking tape. Pin the ends again with a pin and tie a flower stem with the remaining satin ribbon.

4. Want to make a flower bouquet that is slightly bigger and luxurious?

For baskets, you can choose one that is made of rattan or bamboo. Also, buy plastic bags or aluminum foil, double-sided tape, and floral foam. You can cut the plastic or aluminum foil bag up to the size covering the base and part of the basket wall.

Then, make a floral foam shape so that the size is sufficient in the basket. Remember! The height ratio should not be more than one-third of a basket. Then, plug the flower into the floral. To make it look more natural, make the height of each flower stem different. Some are made more ducked, some are standing tall.

Arrange all the flowers until the basket looks full. Finally, tie a ribbon to one side of the basket handle. If there is no handle, you can glue the tape on several edges of the basket. Finally, add a little water to the foam for longer freshness.