Setting up a business in dubai is easy as compare to other developed countries. Real estate, tourism, health and hospitality are some of the booming business industries here. World-class infrastructure, internet accessibility, geographic location and a luxurious lifestyle are some of the reasons which attract foreign investors to dubai. Even company formation is pretty simple but new investors are somewhat finding paperwork a bit difficult. That is why business set up in dubai are in great demand. These companies are very professional and help you to acquire a license that suits your business type.

Why Set Up Real Estate Business?

Real estate sector contributes the most to the economy as compared to other sectors. Despite the slow market, dubai real estate market is one of the strongest markets in the world. It’s an investment that brings immense profits to your investment. There are some reasons that make real estate business very lucrative.


  • Return on Investment –

The profit margin is massive once you invest in properties. According to reports, short term rental is the most profitable real estate type and empowering people to make extra money on their properties.

  • Booming Tourism Industry –

Every year millions of tourists visit dubai to spend quality time. All these tourists need an accommodation to stay in the city and nowadays visitors prefer to live in apartments and hostels. As they are cheaper than the hotels and also spacious. So buying a property at less price and earn good profits on renting.

  • Expo 2020 and Permanent Residency –

According to rough estimates, more than 20 million people will visit dubai during expo 2020. These tourists will bring life to the real estate industry. According to business consultants in dubai, the government announcement of awarding permanent residency will give a massive boost to the industry which is moving slow. Once the expat knows they can live as a dubai resident then they will buy properties here rather in their countries.

Business Set up Rules

According to law, 51% of your business owned by UAE national, this may be very frustrating for investors but fortunately, there are places in UAE where a businessman has 100% ownership of the business. These places are called free zones. Free zones offer so many benefits in the form of 0% income tax, 100% ownership, 0% corporate tax and cheap office set up. But the government changes the rules from time to time, so it is better to contact business set up services in dubai company to inquire about the latest tax and free zone trends. Acquire the right business license, register the company name and provide relevant documents and you are done. Business consultation is good especially if you are going to start a business in real estate, health and education.

Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits of setting up a business in dubai and investors are fully aware of it. In real estate business, profit margins are huge and continue to follow the trend. Right now properties prices are considerably low so buying a property can be a good investment. Company formation in dubai is not a complex process but if you still need help then contact any reputed business consultant to get counseling.