Propionibacterium or acne bacteria is not the root cause of acne, so destroying it can, at best, help you to bring down the swelling that a ripe pimple causes. It cannot prevent acne from forming as it does not play much of a part in the creation of this condition. You an try best japanese toner for dry skin in this case.

Acne is not just a skin problem

In common medical parlance, acne is referred to as an inflamed skin condition. The principal cause of this inflammation is thought to occur due to an excessive production of skin oil or sebum and keratin by over stimulated glands. This, of course, is the surface factor.

The excess of sebum causes the pores of the hair follicle to block up and this leads to the growth of bacteria. Outbreaks of small pimples take place as the bacteria intensifies, and these appear in the forms of blackheads (which appear on the surface) or as whiteheads, which form underneath.

However, acne formation is due to a combination of various factors like overactive sebum glands, skin type, blocked pores and acne bacteria together with malfunctions inside our body which makes the skin susceptible to acne breakouts. That is why medical practitioners refer to it as a disease of the skin.

Acne – It is not a disease

That’s what I said. Don’t think of acne as a disease. Many of the illnesses prevailing in the west are not really diseases. Neither is acne. Acne is the manifestation of a deeper disease inside your body. It is one of the ways in which your body is announcing that it is in a state of imbalance. And you are not paying heed.

I would like to put you on guard so that you are not misguided into believing that acne is nothing more than a skin ailment. That is what conventional medical practitioners would like you to think but, if you do, you will treat it as only a problem of the skin when actually, the root cause of the malady lies way deeper.

If you are afflicted with acne, please understand that the real cause of it is an imbalance that has occurred in your body’s system. The rashes and pimples are the outward manifestations of a much deeper problem which you MUST tackle if you want to be rid of your acne and lead a healthier life.

Obviously, you will turn around and say that most doctors treat acne as basically a skin problem. They do, because that is the only way they can sell you the creams, the lotions and the antibiotics which really give you little help.

The truth about acne bacteria

Acne bacteria or propionibacterium, to give it its technical term, is something that every human being has on his skin. This bacterium is a life form which fights for survival and is beneficial for us. So the malignant organisms which conventional medicines try to eradicate are really very important for our good health and well being.

You may be surprised to know that acne bacteria, so long as it is in tune with the balance of your body, help you repel other bacteria which are way more harmful for you. It exists in all human beings, irrespective of whether they have acne or not and is the major reason for the flexibility of your skin.

In the normal biological function these acne bacteria feed on the oil from the sebum glands and on perspiration. That is why they were created to protect the skin.

Acne bacteria do NOT cause acne and is not contagious. Obviously, as otherwise every single individual would have contracted acne since the bacteria is in all of us. Then why is it that only some unfortunate souls land up being afflicted?

The reason is that for a bout of acne to occur everything has to come together including low internal immunity to create conditions that will encourage acne to strike with all its attendant symptoms.

Acne is an environment ( the acne triangle: oil-toxins-bacteria)

The environment that creates acne is one where there is an overproduction of sebum oil, mainly due to an imbalance in hormones, and this excess mixes with congested toxins which come out through the skin. This mixture is dangerous as it causes bacteria to develop and grow disturbingly fast. The condition which is thus created is the standard one for an acne sufferer: pimples and nodules which are inflamed and pus-filled.

This condition, described above, where the bacteria grows in leaps and bounds because of the admixture of excess sebum oil and blood toxins, has to be prevented. Merely killing the bacteria is not sufficient because it will grow again when the above condition is recreated. So the ONLY way to stop acne permanently is to go to the root of the problem and ensure that this condition is not allowed to happen.

So antibiotics which kill acne bacteria, such as benzoyl peroxide, tetracycline or monocycline are not permanent cures because they do not tackle the root cause of the acne.

How to tackle acne

We know what conditions cause the acne bacteria to flourish superficially on the skin. Now we need to find out what causes hormonal imbalance or the build up of toxins in our body. Only then can we get rid of the acne permanently.

You have to remember that this mixture which causes the acne to form happens through a process involving several internal changes – nutritional, hormonal, environmental and even psychological.

So if you want your skin to always be clear, you will have to combat the elements we mentioned above as these create the condition where bacteria intensify. However, you will always have to also ensure that the bacterium on your skin is kept at an optimal level.