An Unbiased Review About Vivo 15 Pro

The Vivo V15 Pro is the latest smartphone from the Vivo company. The Vivo V15 Pro is the next generation of mobile phones from Vivo. It comes with a lot of useful features and tools. These are the features that differentiate this mobile phone from others. The vivo v15 pro is all about advanced technology coupled with elegant design and perfect functionality. Check out the complete phone specifications and find out that it is really worth buying.

Customizable Widgets

As far as smart phone features are concerned, the Vivo V15 Pro comes with several such features. There are a total of six customizable widgets that can be installed in the phone. These include the Quickoffice application, which helps in managing all the important documents. The calendar and contacts as well as the tasks, appointments, and notes can be organized in the smart phone’s Quickoffice application. You can also edit any of these six aspects with the help of the pen tool in the phone.


As far as the camera is concerned, there is a nine-megapixel camera with a two megapixel resolution on the rear camera. This helps you to take quality photos. For those who want to do photo shoots while on the move, then the built in memory drive allows you to upload the pictures onto your PC or store them in the internal memory. You can also shoot video clips with the help of the mini flash. The phone has a built in image processing engine, known as the digicam. With the support for Wifi and Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect to the internet via either the wifi or Bluetooth.

Smart Learning Language Center

The Vivo V15 Pro also comes with a radio that supports Sirius and XM satellite radio. This helps you stay connected to the world around you. You can also enjoy music and play the audio while working on the phone. The phone comes with the Smart Learning Language Center that offers basic learning activities such as foreign language, grammar, and vocabulary. It also provides learning games such as memory card games and brain teaser.

While it does not come with a touch screen, the phone can be used as one because of the large screen. The Vivo V 15 Pro comes with a virtual keyboard, making text messaging a lot easier. You can also send emails using the Vivo email client that comes preinstalled in the phone. This is one of the reasons why this smartphone from Vivo excels as a business cell phone.

All the features mentioned above are very impressive and commendable. The Vivo V 15 Pro is a must have cell phone for those who value their time. You can get all the latest features at a very reasonable price with the mobile phone deals like the contract deal and the free gifts. So go and buy the phone today itself!