God bosses are real leaders. The most common things we hear about bosses is how bad they can be or treat their employees, enduring a bad boss faces many employees. Bosses may think that they’re acting professional if they scare their workers and punish them harshly if any violations occur.

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Some bosses would throw temper tantrums on their workers and other would disrespect them as well. Being a bad boss will not increase the productivity, it will certainly not. If your employees are feeling frustrated and unhappy, then you should get ready for many empty job positions in your workplace. Some employees would endure and tolerate a bad manager or boss because they would be in critical need of money.

Good bosses create great work environments. Most workers spend third of our lives with their colleagues and co-workers, good bosses care to create a healthy work environment which encourages and supports productivity among all employees. The happier employees get the more positive outcomes and productivity increase.  Being a positive leader is way better than being a strict boss!

Here are the best qualities which makes a great boss:

  1. Communicates clear vision

Clear vision absolutely produces productivity. Bosses who make sure that employees own a clear vision of their roles, duties and responsibilities will surely feel the difference in workplace as well as fully engaging employees in their positions. When employees know and understand exactly what they do and how they do it, will make wonderful results for the company outcomes. This will also make employees more involved and interested in helping the company achieve its objectives.

  • If you want to work in a good company, then the first think you need to know is what policy the company follows. Open door policies are always the best and it’s usually owned or managed by good bosses.
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2. Good bosses cares about their employees

Good bosses care about their employees as persons besides being their employees. It makes the workplace more cozy and friendly. Showing care to your employees doesn’t require huge amount of efforts, it can be as simply as asking them about how they spent their weekends or about their families and hobbies. When employees feel appreciated and very well valued by their employer on a personal level. Some surveys actually showed that the best way to light up is by asking them about their kids!

  • This wouldn’t take much time or even effort. Simple nice questions (even if you really don’t care) make a huge difference.

3. Rewards good performance

The best way to increase great performance is to reward employee’s achievements. When employees go to work with the intention of doing a good job then the least they get is to be rewarded for exceeding and meeting job requirements. Good performance is mostly found when employees have solid understating of what is expected of them, besides giving them the essential training and tools to do their duties. The least thing employers need to do for skilled workers is to reward their achievements, because these employees are a great value to the company besides being committed to helping it achieve its objectives.

  • Some great companies follow a great method which rewards employees’ achievements with raises or even professional appreciation certificates.
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Good bosses make great valuable leaders. Business world needs to be guided by great leadership masterminds, bad leaders and negative bosses are the worst leaders in any fields and sectors. Being a good boss requires some good qualities and skills to be attained professionally, and applied in respective manners among all employees equally and accurately. If you want your company to obtain a very healthy work environment then values your employees, the more value you give to skilled and committed employees the more profit and productivity your field will witness. Being a great leader is not easy; make you personality as an idol which leaves positive impact for many long years in future career paths. It your employees feel that doing their best is the least thing they need to do for you then get ready to live the highest levels of prosperity and superiority professionally and personally. The best way to gain employees hearts are being by their side.