The amount of popularity that the trading industry has gotten is the highest attention received by any industry these past couple of years. It’s no surprise as once you get into it. You start getting invested in it as it isn’t a very complex means to earn. However, if a trader isn’t aware of the trading basics, they might find it challenging to benefit from it. Once you get the hang of it and understand the consciousness of forex trading, there is no way for your trading career to go except up, and for this matter, Bitteks is the only platform that is willingly agreeing to be the staircase to your success and playing a massive role in it.

This broker had righthandedly helped me reach my goal in a matter of time while I had little to no knowledge about trading. Now I have had my fair share of bad experiences with different platforms that have scammed any chance they got to, which made me pause my trading as it instilled a fear of losing more and more money as I tried to move forward with my career. That is something that I am sure many other traders also have faced and who are still putting their trading professions to a pause.

But, on the other side, the people are willing to climb up the ladder but have no basic information and guidance to gather up their courage and earn some profit. It cannot be easy, obviously, but choosing the right broker to guide you throughout your trading experience can be your first step which is why after much struggle, I landed on Bitteks, and I am still currently using the site as it has given me a lot of opportunities and knowledge, enough so that I could continue it professionally. I found the most helpful things throughout my trading journey, and those fantastic features are available in this broker.


The critical outlook of the site depends on the layout. It is expected for a platform of good quality to have a clean, interactive, and organized design that will attract the clientele and make it easier for them to operate the platform. The contents all are to contain the required information to make it more accessible to the people. In addition, it should have added data to ease the novices further and help them throughout their experience with the site.

This platform has just all that is mentioned. The layout was close to perfect, and all the contents are at reach. The sections have complete information regarding the topics stated, and further guidance is also provided, making it much easier for traders like me to refresh their knowledge about trading every once in a while.

I felt totally at ease while using the website, and the reason that had come to my attention was that the layout was put together and wasn’t as complex as other trading sites that give a limited amount of information to get their structure to look good. In this case, this site has ticked all the boxes as the design was engaging and very helpful at the same time. Though the videos could have also been embedded in the layout to make it more exciting and give it the look that sets the platform apart from the other sites.

My experience with Customer Service:

Customer service is the foundation of the site. If the service is slow or gives incomplete information, then the platform may be considered not worth the traders’ time and effort, especially those who constantly face issues and require guidance. Furthermore, the concerning part was that there aren’t many languages available for the international clientele to optimize. Besides English, the dialect options are not comprehensive.

Bitteks offers excellent service. Their responses are rapid and to the point. They provide customer service through the telephone line, live chat, and email. The live chat option is available at the bottom right of the screen.

My experience with Bitteks and their customer service was enjoyable and agreeable. I had gotten replies instantly, and they all were accommodating and guiding. I had not expected them to be providing a service of such quality, but they surprised me with their prompt quality even in this area of their platform.

The withdrawal process:

The withdrawal process of a trading platform is generally thought to be the most crucial part where the client can feel the most vulnerable. For someone like me, whom many platforms have scammed, I expect this process to be carried as smoothly and as quickly as possible. This is the part where the broker gets to gain the trust of their clientele.

There is a wide range of available payment methods of high quality from which at least one of the methods is familiar by the majority of traders.

I had a pleasing experience during the withdrawal of money. Unfortunately, I had to change the account type, but even under such circumstances, I faced no issue whatsoever. I had received an email almost immediately after my withdrawal authorizing it. Furthermore, the site has gained my trust just after my first withdrawal.

The graphical features:

To make the site more reachable, interactive, and relatable, it has to have graphics that contain engagement but is simple at the same time. In addition, the illustrations make the forum livelier and offer accessibility for the clients to have an insight into what the broker has to offer.

This broker has managed to give out both an aesthetic look and informative graphics that make the clientele interested and eager to know more about the website. In addition, they perfectly advertise their site without giving out false statements and expectations while remaining honest about their offerings. However, it did seem a bit crowded to me and made the platform’s appearance a bit busy.

Personally, it had made quite a difference in my experience with the broker. It gave it an expressive personality making it feel more accustomed. It is one of the many features that I liked and enjoyed myself with.


It can be challenging to put your trust in a platform while having all your details logged into the site. So this site provides Anti-Money Laundering Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Condition to ensure the safety of your information. This feature stood out the most for me as I am naturally a concerned person, especially since many sketchy trading sites have scammed me, so this made me a bit relaxed, and I felt comfortable and laid-back even more after acknowledging this fact. 

You can choose to remove your personal information whenever you would like as the site is very versatile with the comfort of its client. However, it is best to be aware of such stuff beforehand to avoid further difficulties in the future. The site’s security should enlist everything they have to offer and it should be the trader’s responsibility to thoroughly go through the terms and conditions of any trading platform they come across. Doing so decreases the chances of getting cheated on and makes the trader feel more in control.


Concluding this review, I honestly had a laid-back experience while using this platform. It has helped me a lot throughout my trading journey and took me to places that I thought I couldn’t go to as a professional, but this site made me an experienced trader. It has changed my life and my career all at once, and because of it, I have taken a turn in a better direction. I am glad to have finally found a site that I can put my complete trust in and won’t have to be in the danger of getting scammed again. The theme was a bit dark, which put me off because it was not appealing to the eye and the payment methods provided have a limited selection. To improve this fault, they could add different payment methods, like PayPal, VLoad can be a great addition to their choice.

Especially after having a few years’ worths of experience, I can say that this platform is not like any other. It can educate the novices and bring them up to the professional level. You can truly enjoy yourself, and all that this platform offers simultaneously without any stress, as it is very convenient. I had felt this immediately after their customer service as it made me feel more relaxed facing my concerns regarding my problems and past experiences with trading platforms.

This platform has loads to offer with the best quality, customer service, educational content, withdrawal process, and much more. It was shocking to find such a platform that has so much to give. Although the experience alone with the site was excellent, I have achieved the success that I have accomplished. I have made this my go-to trading site and see myself using this for long-term purposes because, in my opinion, it is near impossible to find such a platform that perfectly fits the type of trader you are.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.