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Blueprint Capital is a forex firm that is trusted by millions of users all around the globe. If a firm rules hearts then it can be only because it provides good service and cares for its customers. Blueprint Capital has both these qualities. Although the broker has its own set of flaws that some people find huge while others think they can be easily ignored because they don’t harm the trading process directly. I am a forex trader who has been associated with the profession for more than three decades. I can’t recall every bit of it but I joined in a time when we had to plan out trips to visit the stock exchange.


I remember a very close friend of mine told me he was thinking of joining a forex firm that would run online. In response to this, all of us were shocked because we wanted him to answer one question which was how and where did you get the courage to trust a platform that runs online with all your hard-earned money. He said he himself was a little confused and unsure about this aspect but what draws him closer to these firms is the fact that they will give him all at one place and he’ll not have to make trips to the stock exchange every time.


We were not sure about his decision and we told ourselves we’ll never ever do that. But things changed and we saw him grow as a trader. His decisions and choices proved to be more accurate now because he has access to the prediction tools and indicators. After looking at this we were finally convinced that we should also look into this.


This was the time when traders massively ran towards joining these firms and new competitors came to the market in large amounts. Well, this was smooth till this point. Just after this, we saw a sudden rise in the number of traders who complained about being plundered. On investigation, it was found that due to the lack of regulation by the law enforcement agencies, the fake firms had started heavily colonizing the marketplace. Now we could see where the profession was heading to. I knew we were rapidly approaching an era where many traders would be forced to take their lives away. Sadly, we are living in that era that came a little too soon.


I cannot deny how these fake firms work in a manner that they are hard to catch until you reach a point where you have already lost all that you had.  But if you want you can keep yourself safe. Put in all the effort to pick the right firm and then see your trading become more profitable than ever.


I haven’t learnt all these years that a good forex firm holds the power to transform the entire experience for you. After joining Blueprint Capital I got to know what professional trading feels like. Your trading skills can be unleashed only if you get a perfect working environment which is very rare, unfortunately. Here at Blueprint Capital, the administration is determined to provide you with the best available so all you need to worry is about your deals. Although the broker has been great for me, it has some minor issues which we will be talking about later in the review. I’ll be dividing the important factors into three categories; best about the forum, average features and things that need to be worked on. This way you’ll easily understand where the firm stands and will also help you make your decision quickly. So let’s quickly see what Blueprint Capital is like.


Best about the forum


  • Well guarded private information

A good broker is one that is all about the customer’s interest. Now, this interest should not always be about the profits only in fact the private data holds equal importance. If a broker isn’t trustworthy and seeks your private information, who are you going to blame for the losses so it is great that you make sure beforehand I’d the broker is protective about such information. Here at Blueprint Capital, they make use of the many methods to keep your data safe. One of such ways is the SWIFT code usage. A SWIFT code is a code provided by the banks that is needed while transferring from one account to another. The SWIFT code is an eight-digit number after which you need to insert XXX. It isn’t only SWIFT code that is there to protect you, in fact, we have many other such ways devised by the broker to ensure you don’t have to worry about the protection of your data.


  • Up to the mark order execution technology

The next thing is the order execution speed which is mainly dependent on the software. If a firm employs high-level technology and remains worried about your ease then this can be achieved. Here at Blueprint Capital, they have computers that are highly powerful and can support a high load. This is why your order will be executed as soon as you hit the buy or sell button. I have seen that one of the traders made a stocks deal which seemed highly profitable when the trader hit the button but the order was executed weeks later when the deal wasn’t as profitable as possible. So if you want to keep yourself safe from uncalled-for losses better check if they have a high order execution efficiency.


  • Explore more to earn more

The broker offers you endless opportunities to earn more. This is done by letting you trade more than 200 assets such as commodities, stocks, indices etc. This broker believes in your growth and this can be seen from the way they encourage you to explore other assets. I remember how I made my first ever stock deal with this with Blueprint Capital. Before that, I couldn’t even think of making one because I had always heard that stock trading is all about financial losses. Well, my experience was great. The first stock that I bought was of a construction company that was based in America. Just recently I bought stocks of a fast-food company and I am looking forward to a good profit.


  • Always at your service

I have seen many firms that don’t let account owners use their account 24/7. I don’t get the point of restricting access. Why would a broker not want a customer to stay logged in? Many think this is because when the lender is away, the company can easily mess with the sensitive information and the assets. Here at Blueprint Capital, this isn’t the case. You can access your account anytime anywhere. In fact, you can access it through your phone, tablet and your PC. I have had the experience of using all the website versions and found them good.


Average features


Now let us have a quick look at some of the features that are just average but can definitely be improved with little effort.


  • No support on weekends

There’s no doubt about the customer support department being highly competent. I have been going back to them several times and have found them to be very effective when it comes to problem-solving. They have devised multiple methods to get in touch such as call, email, live chat, etc. But unfortunately, these representatives can’t be contacted all the time. They are only available for given time slots on weekdays and entirely unavailable on weekends. Although options like email remain open reply is delayed so this is something which has to be improved otherwise everything from professionalism to problem-solving efficiency is commendable.


  • No in-depth answers to FAQs

If you go to the education segment, you’ll see several headings such as ebooks, FAQs, Asset Index and Glossary. Each one of them is satisfactory and has good quality content. However, I have observed that the Frequently Asked Questions have very brief answers. This is great in a way because it serves the purpose of creation which is to save time but there are times when users require in front answers. One solution for this is to add links for detailed responses. If you want to read something in greater detail you can easily do that.


Need improvement


  • English only zone

The website can only be used in one language which is English. Although understood by many, we have a huge lot that isn’t as good at it so the company needs to add more to it soon.


Concluding Remarks

Blueprint Capital is not another ordinary broker which is far away from customers’ interest. The broker is all about making sure that we traders remain at ease and can invest full energy and focus on making the work. If you want to experience all the food that competent forex from can bring to your life, you can look into Blueprint Capital because here you come first. I hope that you soon find a forex firm that is capable of becoming your partner for a long time span.


Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.


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