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The factory sector ended 2015 with a giant thud. Durable goods orders fell 5.1 p.c in December vs expectations for a zero.2 percent acquire and a low-end estimate of minus 3.0 p.c. Plane orders did not help but they weren’t the whole reason behind the problem as ex-transportation orders fell 1.2 p.c vs expectations for no change and a low-finish estimate of minus zero.four p.c. Core capital items, which exclude defense gear and also aircraft, are particularly weak, down four.three percent following a 1.1 percent decline in November. Shipments for core capital items, that are an input into GDP, slipped zero.2 p.c following a downward revised 1.1 percent decline in November (initially minus 0.four %).

That statistic about the average reader engaging for only 70 seconds on a newspaper is so frustrating. I worry one of the news industry’s biggest problems is that presentation of so many headlines permits scanning habits. Sure it is handy for skimmers, nevertheless it does little to encourage individuals to dig deeper into complex tales.

Confirming the weak spot is breadth amongst industries with 10 reporting composite contraction towards eight reporting monthly development. If it wasn’t for power in new orders, January’s data could be nearly fully unfavourable. This report is a downbeat opening to 2016 which follows a definitively downbeat yr for the manufacturing facility sector in 2015.

Our story and history is an goes to be what we are saying it is. We must always not concern talking about or framing our reality into our historical past with out ever consulting and connvallesing with those who should not of our culture. This is true and proper. We are going to need to define and clarify our culture to these we inform or might want to know. If then, we’re going to discuss Apartheid, and what it did to us, and the way, lastly, we released its grip and iron-boot heel on our necks, this can be a story we’re going to tel, in our own experiential and real way. Writing our tales, histories, goes to be accomplished authentically by us, and nobody else.

No Bush family to the rescue I suppose. How about Gov. Rick Perry? Oh yeah I forgot, he was indicted with a felony. However wait, Sen. Cruz to the rescue. But oh wait, that dude was really born in Canada…if the tea occasion was crying that Obama was not an American despite the fact that he was actually born in Kansas or Hawaii I consider what does that make Cruz? Hahahaha the oil trade and the fat, outdated, wealthy white man closely invested in it are getting royally (saudi pun intended) Fued! Greed kills!!!

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