Choosing the Best Solar Panel Installer in Houston Texas in 2021

Have you decided to have solar panels installed in your home but you don’t know exactly how to find an accredited and trustworthy solar installer in your local area?

You’ve come to the right place.  It can take time to research and contact several solar companies for a quote and it’s not always easy to trust solar companies laying out their cards for you.

To help you make a well-informed decision and ensure that you will be dealing with a reputable company with the required accreditation and consumer protection, we give you the ultimate guide on choosing the best solar installer in Houston.

Save yourself time, hassle, and potentially a lot of money as we lay out the things you should consider when searching for the top solar installer in Houston, Texas:

What Do You Want and Need?

As important as knowing your priorities in life are, step 1 is literally that important as well when you are searching for the best solar company in Houston.

What do you care about when it comes to choosing solar panels for your home? Here are some important questions that could help you set your priorities:

  • Am I willing to pay more for greater electric output?
  • Am I willing to pay more for a better-looking solar power system?
  • Am I willing to pay more for equipment made in the U.S.?
  • Do I want to work with a big solar company or a small solar company?

These are considered key trade-offs that you should think seriously about when you want to create a shortlist of solar companies.  Rank each of the above priorities most to least important to help you in choosing the best solar company according to your wants and needs.

Create a Short-List of the Solar Energy Companies

After you understand some big upfront decisions you have to make in selecting the best solar installer in Houston, you can start creating a shortlist of solar installer companies.

It is recommended that you use data to decide which solar company is the perfect match for you.  Consider these types of information as you research different solar companies in Houston:

  • Cost
  • Reviews
  • Warranties
  • BBB ratings

Use the data you have gathered to compare and create a short-list of 2-3 companies that meet your criteria and requirements on cost, customer satisfaction, and other key indicators.

Get Competing Quotes

Once you get down to just one or two solar companies that meet your criteria and you feel excited working with them, don’t always settle with your number 1 pick.

Remember that you can always push for a better deal, with a lower cost.  Negotiate and you will learn that there are companies who are willing to offer cheaper prices than your number one pick.

Know how much cheaper you can get and use that knowledge in your negotiations.  When you let your number one pick know that you have a lower offer, they will be motivated to give up a little ground to accommodate you.

Compare Important Criteria

Solar companies can be compared using these important criteria which would help you determine which among them is the best:

    Offers on Financing Options

There will be solar companies that will be offering several financing options especially when you are on a tight budget.  Here are things you will need to compare when you have to choose between leasing and buying solar panels in Houston:

  • Key metrics like down payment required, monthly payment, term length (15 to 25 years), and maximum annual payment increase
  • PPAs (Power Purchase Agreement) key metrics like price per kilowatt-hour, term length, and maximum annual rate increase, as a percentage
  • The cost per watt of installed capacity when you are buying upfront or pay cash for your solar energy system

    Service and Quality

Get to know the solar company’s credentials, quality of products, and the guarantees it provides.  The credentials should include certifications and ratings from organizations like the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). 

It is equally important that you pick a company that meets its social and environmental performance standards and is dedicated to social responsibility in its own operations.

Visit a Nearby Solar Installer in Houston TX For Your Solar Installation Needs

Choosing the best solar company can give you the high return on investment that you expect from using clean, green, and renewable energy.  Visit a nearby solar installer in Houston, Texas that offers you the best quality installation services, equipment, and customer relations.