Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your website higher than millions of other websites in response to a query. seo banyo helps you get traffic from search engines.

Most of us aware that when we send a query in a search engine, we usually go to the websites that are listed higher in the list; what we don’t understand is that how these search engines decide which websites should be placed higher in the list than the others. The placing of a website in a search engine is called its ranking. Most of the business owners who want the most out of their websites hire SEO services from various web development companies& SEO companies. Higher ranking of the websites means more traffic and more traffic means more branding and revenue. Thus investing in good SEO service is of huge importance.
Another way to get a lot of traffic to your website is advertising on social marketing sites like Facebook; that is where everybody is. After logging to Facebook, user sees various ads at right hand side bar, which are paid advertisements by various businesses. For a particular user, the advertisements displayed are the based on what user’s interests, age and location is. A lot of other parameters are also checked and based on all of that the advertisements are displayed.
To create a Facebook ad, one has to create a Facebook page which should contain interesting content, unique pictures and your logos. Next the admin of the page should like the page and invite all the friends to like it too. More people like the page, better are the chances of getting more traffic. Every post on your page will be posted on all the fans feed and are visible to the friends of fans. The friends of fans become your target audience. If the content is really interesting and excites people, friends of fans will also go ahead and like your page. This is how the number of fans grows, which is totally dependent on how interesting is the content of your page is.
The links on the posts of your page can be directed to your website, which will bring all the traffic from Facebook to your website. Not only does it help you build the brand but also helps you increase the revenue. Creating polls and inviting people for events can engage the fans even more. Facebook is all about engagement. More the people you are able to engage, more is the traffic to your page and hence to your website.
Facebook advertisements are based on pay per impression usually. You can decide your daily budget and within that budget Facebook will publish your advertisement to your target audience. Advertisements could be of your page, product, poll or post. You can also configure a Facebook ad to only publish your ad to your target audience based on age group, location and interests.
Facebook is the latest and most effective way of reaching your audience at minimal costs.