Cryptme Reviews 2021 – What qualities and flaws does this exchanging firm have? (

Hello, I am Tony Northman. People know me in a lot of ways but here I am as a crypto exchanger today. I would like to tell you all that I have been working in the area for around 5 years now but I had joined trading as a profession around twenty-five years ago. Although I wasn’t doing badly as a trader before entering the crypto world, I could see that digital currencies would be the next big thing and hence I made the move. 

When in 2009, Bitcoin came out, no one thought it would one day evolve to take the present shape and emerge as a threat to the US dollar. Over a course of more than ten years, we saw Bitcoin grow and become more powerful. With this came many more cryptos but they failed and none has been successful so far to beat what Bitcoin achieved in a small time span. This was due to many reasons and one of them was lack of access to the blockchain. Blockchain is all about solving complex mathematical equations using high technology and energy-intensive computers. 

We have tokens like Ethereum and Litecoin which are following Bitcoin up the hill. With the enhanced use and popularity of the cryptos, the need for an exchange platform was felt which was quickly catered to. However, soon after that, we saw that a number of fake exchanges made it to the market and now people were directionless. No one knew who to trust, who to report and things went on miserably. 

I am glad to see that the governments all around the globe have finally started making moves to regulate these platforms and ensure they run the legitimate way but even then we see many of these continuing trapping young and immature exchangers in the mess. I have been a victim of these firms many times and have seen my hard-earned money go down the train. The first half of my 5 years were miserable and I sort of regretted putting money in crypto because I thought finding a real and trustworthy exchange firm was next to impossible. 

My cousin told me about Cryptme first. She said she has been using it for quite some time and has found it incredibly helpful so far. I had never seen someone this satisfied by their firm ever and hence I was ready to look into it. Although I had been making mistakes in the past, this time I was just not ready to invest whatever little I was left with without thoroughly investigating first. So, I went back home, opened the website and closely observed all that I could. I’ll say repeated mishaps had taught me a lot. I was well aware of all the tactics used by fake firms and this was why I could easily compare and analyze. I still remember how happy I was after reading the uploaded legal documents. All of them were very specific, to the point and simple language was used to ensure that all sorts of customers get the message. I have to say this was one thing that convinced me that the firm is worth the shot. 

After joining the firm my experience has been pretty much the same as that of those whom I consulted while researching. Cryptme has been great largely with some small shortcomings that I will be discussing as we proceed in the review. So let’s get started and see what the exchange firm has to offer you all.


  • Ease of access
  • Order execution
  • Blog
  • Account

Above mentioned are some of the pros of the website that I thought maybe I should discuss. I have already talked about how secure I have found the firm to be so let’s see what else you can find here. 

I have always found the website very easy to access. I can access my account from anywhere anytime. This is one quality that trustworthy firms hold because they do not wish to temper with your money and they believe that all rights over the money are yours. So don’t worry about restricted access if you sign up for it. Apart from that, I appreciate how the website can be accessed through multiple devices such as phones and tablets along with laptops. This allows the users to trade on the go. Also, there is no need to install any apps or software. All you will ever need is a reliable internet connection and an internet browser. This not only saves space and time but also protects your devices from viruses and other external threats. So it’s a thumbs up. 

Next up is order execution. I’ll tell you a personal experience. On one of my previous platforms, I made a deal that was worth 100,000 dollars and hit the buy button. In order to make sure that orders are rapidly executed, good firms always employ powerful computers and software because with all the fluidity in the market you cannot be sure about what’s happening the next moment. So, I made the deal and was super happy about it. But because the network was slow and it couldn’t take all the load, my order was executed way late and now all I was earning was something around 75,000 dollars. I was super demotivated because instead of gaining, I ended up losing money. These experiences are the reason why I checked all such stuff beforehand and I have found the order execution speed very satisfactory. 

Let’s talk about the news section or the blog on the page. I have been reading these articles a lot because they add so much to my knowledge without putting in any extra effort. I have to say that the topics are very relevant and contemporary. The article titles have the date and day mentioned so that you can quickly see how old they are. They also have nice interactive graphics on the cover to make your reading experience even better.  The small description at the bottom gives a clear idea of what the article will be talking about. The text is very well written, to the point and informative at the same time. I like to read them and keep waiting for the fresh ones. I hope they start updating it more often for users like me.

Let’s talk about different accounts that you are provided with and how to sign up for them. So, there are a total of three accounts 2-2000, 2001-10,000, 10001-50,000. With the account range, the number of documents required increases. They will always ask you for your ID, email and phone. In higher accounts, documents like utility bills and selfie pictures are added. 


No firm is free of flaws, be it online or not. Below are some cons of the website. 

  • FAQs not grouped
  • Language
  • No Paypal
  • No Education

If you go to the menu, you’ll see multiple options and one of them would be FAQs. Although these are very comprehensive and complete, they haven’t been grouped together so you need to go through each one of them in search of the one you’re looking for. Grouping would have saved time. Also, these aren’t updated as often because we have new frequently asked questions surfacing all the time. 

Language is another important feature of the website. A good website would make more and more languages available for the users because not all clients are equally good with English. Currently, the website is only available in one language. I hope soon more of them are added and an option to quickly switch between them is made available. 

Another thing that I want to bring to your notice is that the website is currently offering three different ways to make payments and these include Maestro, Mastercard, and Bankwire. There is no PayPal option currently. 

Next up is education. Like we have talked above, there is a blog section that keeps us updated about the hot news but there is no proper segment dedicated to education only and this has to be improved because a good firm is not only about maximizing profits and increasing wealth and bank balances, in fact, it has a lot to do with what the customers are learning and how they are growing. I hope to see one day they include an ebooks section with the best ebooks that talk about all the important cryptos issues and topics. Also, there should be a glossary in the section. 


So above is my version of the story. Cryptme has been serving me for a long time and I am satisfied because of the optimal environment that they provide me with. There are some flaws that need to be worked on but otherwise, the firm is a good one. I hope you find your crypto partner soon and experience all the good that it has the power of bringing into your life. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.