We can all agree that for some things in our lives, there should be someone objective who could tell us which direction is the best. Of course, we are not saying that you should always listen, but it may help you along the way.

You have to check Instagram, and you will notice that numerous people are acting as coaches and people that may help you assess the quality of life. Therefore, it is highly challenging to determine which ones are real and which ones are a fraud and lousy.

Therefore, you have followed the tips we prepared for you so that you can determine how to find the best coach for your particular requirements and needs.

At the same time, you need to be confident with yourself and understand that finding a life coach in Dublin will help you reach goals, but only if you have them in the first place.

          1. What Do You wish To Accomplish?

The first step includes understanding what will coach bring to your table and why do you need him in the first place. Most people tend to confuse coaching with other disciplines, such as therapy or mentorship.

However, things are entirely different, because every single one comes with unique features, and you should understand the difference before you start searching.

Therapy is here to help you understand your past and why you are what you are. On the other hand, coaching is entirely different because it works based on the future and not the past.

Therefore, the coach will not spend too much time helping you understand yourself throughout your past experiences. Even though it requires self-awareness, you need to understand who you are and why, but to use that self-awareness to reach future goals.

When compared with mentorship, a life coach is not here to provide you with direct advice and guidance was based on personal situation.

Even though she/he may offer you suggestions for some parts, in most cases, a coach will try to ask you specific questions so that you can find your solutions and answers.

As you can see, you have to differentiate these terms and disciplines, so that you can determine whether you need coaching, mentorship, or therapy. You should check here if you wish to learn more on life coaching.

          2. Check Certifications and Training

The next step that will help you narrow your search includes checking whether a life coach comes with certification and training. Since coaching is based on scientific research, most coaches will understand various disciplines that will allow them to work what they want.

When compared with therapy, the lack of regulations and governance is the main issue that is happening to this industry. For instance, if you wish to call yourself a therapist, you will have to obtain a certain degree, level of training as well as an official credential and permit to work.

On the other hand, for coaches, there are no regulations whatsoever. Everyone can become and call himself a coach; it does not matter if he/she went through training programs.

However, one organization called the International Coach Federation is the most relevant certification that accredits programs so that you can get someone that passed specific education standards.

Therefore, you should check whether a life coach features ICF accreditation or not because if he/she has, it means that you are getting professional help. Check out this link: https://coachfederation.org/about, so that you can enter ICF official website.

          3. Check The Coaching Style

You should also ask them about the coaching style. Have in mind that every single coach comes with a different approach to this particular industry. Of course, everything depends on their levels of training as well as personality.

Some of them are highly structured and organized, while others are depending on free flow and ability to improvise. While ones are more confronting and want to challenge you, others are using more supportive and warm approach.

You should see whether a coach features a style that meets your needs and requirements so that you can get what you need as the outcome. The main idea is to achieve the goals that you wish with life coaching, which is why you are searching in the first place.

However, you have to be cautious, because there are numerous frauds and lousy coaches that are only working for being paid.