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A luxury condo in Damansara is owned by an exclusive group of individuals who chose to live in the building for a long time. The building has several unique features which have helped its residents enjoy a high standard of living that is unmatched by any condominium in Malaysia. Every exclusive residence has a beautifully designed pool, spa, game room, and dining area. They have all the modern luxuries of life including a security system, concierge, private parking, and shuttle service. Each individual is treated with the personal attention they deserve. All residents are treated to exceptional services such as valet parking, welcome drinks, and service with a smile.


One of the exclusive condo Damansara is located directly on the International Airport, which is located just a short taxi ride away from the condo. There is no need to worry about delayed flights or being stuck in the airport car queue. The building has two restaurants and two shopping malls, making it easy for residents to continue their holiday celebrations without worrying about the commotion at the airport.

The condo is a gated compound and is surrounded by lush trees. Residents have all the privacy they need. This is one of the main reasons why the price of the condo is a little higher than other luxury condominiums in Damansara. However, it is worth every cent as there is nothing like living in a luxury compound.


The new bangsar condo is also surrounded by a lush tropical garden. The complex is surrounded by waters which help in creating a serene atmosphere. There are over 1000 trees and the garden has a water fountain and flowing water. There are no cars allowed inside the compound and hence, no pollution. The entire complex has been built with an eco-friendly theme in mind, so residents enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and green surroundings.

The residents of the exclusive condo do not have to worry about noisy neighbors. Apart from the gatekeeper, the only other individual who will enter the gate is the maintenance man. The gatekeeper checks on the gate every day to ensure that it is opened and closed properly. There are no pets allowed inside the condo, so the maintenance man is always at work. There is another gatekeeper at the entrance of the complex. He ensures that no outsider enters the premises.

Thus, living in a fully equipped and gated exclusive condo comes with a lot of advantages. There are no personal issues to sort out when you go out of the compound. You can relax and enjoy your time here, without having to worry about disturbing others. The price of such condos makes them even more desirable than normal luxury villas.