Obtaining a great GMAT score is the first step towards securing admission into one’s dream B School. As is true for virtually every competitive examination, one can find a great many resources that proclaim their utility in helping one crack it. Of course, not each of these resources is trustworthy and, given the monumental amount of time and effort that GMAT preparation demands, one cannot lose time on false promises. One needs to do one’s homework and select a program that stands on its credentials, one like Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program. Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, in 2008. Since then, the company’s presence has become a permanent one in the domain of GMAT prep. Here are some of the main highlights of this program:

GMAT Accuracy

Experts’ Global’s GMAT Prep is set apart by the marvelous level of accuracy it displays to the GMAT. All of Experts’ Global’s thousands of questions are quite identical to those of the GMAT. Experts Global’s testing screen is also quite identical to the GMAT’s. It has an identical full-screen layout, uses identical controls, and has the same graphics. This may seem like a very minute feature to speak of, but it is actually quite the game-changer. It provides a sense of comfort and familiarity to the students by allowing them to get used to the GMAT set up well in advance. The most important factor though is that Experts’ Global’s scoring is quite similar to the GMAT’s. This has been consigned by more than 500 students, who have reported that their scores on the Experts’ Global mocks were perfectly in line with their scores on the GMAT Prep mocks. 

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

With 15, full-length GMAT mock tests, Experts’ Global’s mock test series is truly far-reaching. This is because Experts’ Global’s approach to GMAT mock tests is one that prioritizes regularity throughout the process of preparation. Such regularity helps hone test taking strategies and consolidates mental stamina. 

Video Lectures

Video lectures are, simply put, the foundation of Experts’ Global’s GMAT instruction. The company has divided the GMAT syllabus into 100 modules and produced a video to elaborate upon each one. Since each video covers but one concept, each one is quite easy to take in. However, this does not reflect a paucity of details in the videos. Each concept is explained exhaustively and effectively. Experts’ Global is truly unique in just how often they make use of instructional videos. They have exhaustive explanation videos for each question on their practice exercises and mock tests. These videos are exceptional for building up one’s accuracy and speed, as the solutions they outline are laid out as swiftly as possible. 

Performance Analysis

After each mock, Experts’ Global’s performance analysis system presents the student with a screen that displays their scores across each section and across the entire test. It also tracks their speed across different types of questions. By accounting for the student’s performance across their most recent several mock tests, this system is sure to help students understand their larger weak areas. A great addition to the program, the system provides performance analyses of a more in-depth and speedy nature than any manual one.

Additional Features

There are also many smaller, very interesting, features within Experts’ Global’s program. For example, there are the “sticky notes”, small colored pop-up sections that function as note-taking spaces, as one studies or takes a test, that can then be “pasted” on the “wall”. The prep process is significantly improved if one can easily find all of one’s notes in a single location. The second useful feature is the “flag button”. It is used to mark certain questions that the system can then pull up later. The feature aids one in revisiting important questions and assessing them in greater depth. This saves considerable time, as one does not have to comb through all the exercises to find but one question. The magnitude of time and effort saved by these features may seem tiny, but it builds up to a lot with time and can be a prep difference-maker.

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program is one that is extremely effective, having comprehensive material in showing great variation and a highly ordered approach. If followed with great care and diligence, the program is guaranteed to make you a GMAT maverick!