Financial Centre came into existence in the year 2001 and I joined it the next year. This is not a very safe thing to do. My dad ways told me that you should not join a forex firm unless it’s old enough but going through the website and the market helped me quickly decide that I should not waste time with any more fake ones and join it. I was ready to grow as a trader with the firm and that was what happened. 

I got to know about this one from a very close friend who had worked with this one for a year already. He said he was happy with it and that I should give it a shot. I agreed to look into it and ended up joining after 3 months of research. 

Today I have accomplished almost all that I wanted and young traders keep coming to me all the time to seek guidance. They ask me what’s your Broker’s name and for how long have you been working with it. When I tell them the answer they all ask me why don’t you switch. Today, I have decided to answer all the questions that fall under this one so that you understand what sort of broker you can trust. So let’s start with the review of the Financial Centre. I will be talking about things I like and the ones that need to be worked on. I am hoping that by the time this review ends, you will have a clear idea about how these broker and trustworthy forex firms generally work.

What Makes Me Stick To This Broker?

  • Helps Make Well Informed Decisions

I will never be able to stress enough on the need and the power of making informed, well researched and well-thought decisions. When we talk about fake firms, we always agree that it was somewhere our careless behaviour that let these firms grow to an extent that they are ready to take over the real and dedicated ones. I have also noticed that we blame traders for not being vigilant and careful enough. When someone is new to the area, how can you expect them to spot and distinguish between a fake and a trustworthy one? We can only expect this from young buds if we equip them fully. 

The Financial Centre understands what I mean. And they realize that it is not only the young ones but the elderly who need to be provided with all the resources so that they never fall for such tricksters. This is why they always try to provide the traders with the best. One such example is the stick performance tracking box at the front on the website. You can select the stock that you want to investigate and have a look at its 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 5 years performance through the graph. You move your finger or the cursor for exact values. Such state of the art tools not only let the company stand out among its customers but also lets traders look at the track record of the stock and fight off the increasing uncertainty to a great extent. The flashing stocks bar on the landing page is another such feature. The red and green colour coding and the graphs help one quickly get an idea about how the stock is doing.

  • Pick Crypto Out Of A Wide Range

The next thing that we will be talking about is the wide range of available cryptos. These days many young traders think that the two cryptos that forex firms support or allow trade with are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although these two are the most famous ones, we have many cryptos apart from these two that are being bought and sold. The forex firms do not put in the effort to add up to the product depth and breadth and mislead the traders by telling them that these two only hold the potential to help you gain quick and high returns on investments. I have seen and I am pleased about it that the Financial Centre does not believe in fooling the traders. They put in the effort to make the most available to us. 

This can be seen from the huge range of cryptocurrencies offered by the forum. The table on the main page states all of these, their prices and their colour coded rates. The offered Cryptos are

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Tether
  4. Binance Coin
  5. Cardano
  6. XRP
  7. Dogecoin
  8. Bitcoin Cash
  9. Uniswap
  10. HEX
  11. Polkadot
  12. USDcoin
  13. Litecoin
  14. Stellar
  15. Ethereum Classic
  16. Chainlink
  17. MaticNetwork
  18. Solana
  19. Theta
  20. Internet Computer

These 20 cryptos on this forum have allowed me not only to diversify my trading portfolio but also my crypto portfolio and this has allowed me to never run out of opportunities. I am satisfied with the huge product range. 

  • Blog Section Keeps One Updated

The blog section is another commendable feature of the portal. As we have already talked about the importance of making well-informed decisions, this is another feature that helps you stay updated. It should not only be the trader who should be studying and evaluating, in fact, it should also be the platform, fully facilitating the traders. I have been reading their blog articles for a while now and I find them very informative. Apart from that, they make use of very simple language so the ones whose native language isn’t English can make the most out of the article. The incorporation of images makes it more catchy. I think adding a blog section is something that brokers ignore a lot but when you start relying on it you get to experience how much it helps. I also like that they embed useful links so that you can study more about the subject that sounds interesting to you. Although there’s one issue that I have noticed that should be addressed. The website articles do not have any dates mentioned and it makes it a little difficult to figure out what day the news is about. 

  • Pay The Way You Like

As I have been talking about the high number of available options, paying is another area where you can pay the way you like. I have seen brokers that offer no more than 3 ways to pay and keep bragging about them. Here at the Financial Centre, the firm offers you a total of 7 different ways to pay and I think this is a great number. Some of these include Maestro, Mastercard, Bankwire, visa and more. This is appreciated because traders from different places in the world are using the forex platforms and not all of them are comfortable using one method. The Bitcoin option in the list shows that the firm keeps up with the trends in the finance industry. However, there is one small point that I would like to raise. We all know how PayPal is all around the world and traders from different countries rely on it a lot. It should also be added to the list to facilitate them even more. 

  • News Channel

The next thing is a News Channel. This is another feature that sets this forum apart. You will find a news channel option and clicking on it or touching it will take you to a new page where you’ll find a small video. This video is like a news bulletin and it gives you a quick summary of all the news of the day. I think this is a great way to keep the traders updated who do not have time to watch long news or read newspapers. 

Is There Anything That Needs To Be Worked On?

By now you all must have had some idea why I am sticking to this broker for so long but this does not mean that it is free of flaws. There are some minor negative points that need to be addressed soon. 

  • Does Not Operate In Some Areas

The first one is that the company does not provide its services all around the globe. Although most of the companies are covered, some of them like the United States, Syria, Iran, Cuba and North Korea remain deprived.  Although there might be some substantial reason behind this because I know many firms that do not operate in these areas, I think the problem should be worked out and some options should be made available for the traders so working in those areas causes no harm to anyone. 

  • Small Number Of E-books

Another area that the firm is not focusing enough on is that the number of ebooks in the resources section is very small. I like how they are very comprehensive and talk about important and relevant topics but I think that more books should be added so that traders get to reach the depths of concepts. Video lectures also help but books cannot be substituted. 

Hope I was of some help and my words didn’t go to waste. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.