Gift Giving Mistakes to Avoid

Every year on every occasion or event like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, house-warming, valentines, etc. we worry about what to buy for our loved ones and spend hours and days to find the best gift. Gift giving is not something you went online and bought without giving it any thoughts, it is something that requires skills, thoughts and hours of search and the likes and dislikes of the recipient. From finding the best wrapping paper to living up to the expectations of the recipient, you need to make sure you don’t mess up things. In today’s post, we will discuss gift-giving mistakes you must avoid. Read on!


The first thing is budget. If you are planning to buy a gift for anyone be it a boyfriend, husband, wife, brother, sister, mother or father make sure you buy within your budget and what your pocket allows. Plan a budget first and then you can search for your gift that falls in that category,

Buying What you Like

The next thing you need to keep in mind while you are giving a gift to a friend is not buying what you like. You should always buy gifts keeping in mind the choice of the recipient. If you are buying a gift of your choice and it is not liked by the recipient then it’s of no use. So, the first and foremost thing to avoid while gift-giving is buying what you like.

Don’t Be Late

Though late gifts are always welcomed, it doesn’t make a good impression on the recipient. You often forget birthdays and anniversaries and then run at the last minute to buy a gift online. You can avoid such mistakes by setting reminders or registering on websites that will send you notifications of such events. All you have to do is as soon as you receive the notification, you can plan your gift and send online gift delivery to the recipient on their special day.


The next thing you must avoid while giving gifts is regifting. It is inappropriate and you must avoid it because every gift has emotion and you should not pass it to someone else that was meant for you.

Being too Impersonal

People love receiving gifts that they can connect with. Many of you make mistakes of giving gifts without thinking about the recipient and completely out of the context. Avoid that. It makes the recent happy that you consider his/her like and it will make them more special and happy.

Gifting Replica or Fake Products

If you are buying a gift for someone who is a big brand freak, never buy them a replica of a fake product. They will know it’s fake and it will make you look bad. Consider buying an inexpensive product rather than spending money on a replica product.

Gifting Inconvenience Gifts

Of course, gifting an AC or a smart TV is an awesome idea. But have you thought the recipient has enough space for that or he/she even has a requirement of it? So, before buying such gifts, make sure you take an idea of their requirements.

Pay Attention to What They Already Own

The last thing you want to give someone is what they already own. So, instead of buying something they already have, consider asking them in advance.

Rushing on Personalised Gifting

Yes, personalised gifts are ruling the gifting industry and everyone is rushing into personalized gifting no matter what’s the occasion. Personalised gifts are perfect for any and every occasion and it makes the recipient feel more loved and special. But sometimes, people make the mistake of rushing into personalized gifts and land up with spelling mistakes or wrong dates or messages. Confirm everything before you plan to buy a personalised gift.

Not Considering Coupons

  • Gifting coupons is totally acceptable. Many people think gifting coupons is not a good idea on occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. But, before you make such a choice consider asking them their favourite brands.

Not Including  a Card

Many people think that a card is not needed with a gift. Giving a handwritten card along with your gift is a nice gesture. A card beautifies your gift and also gives a nice introduction to your gift.

Not gifting at all!

Not gifting at all is the worst mistake you can make. Even a small token of love makes the recipient happy. So, you should buy at least something ( not that expensive).

So, these were some common mistakes you must avoid while gift-giving. If any occasion or event is coming up, consider buying a nice gift and send online gifts to your loved one’s doorsteps and give them a wonderful surprise. And make sure you don’t make any above mistakes. Happy gifting!