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How much good the healthy trading practices can bring to a forex trader remains unknown to the ones who are trapped by fake forex firms in the beginning and are forced to go back home. When you are a new trader, these fake firms know exactly how you function and what you think. This is why they come up with plans and tricks that seem extremely attractive to young buds. While you are still admiring your luck, you suddenly find your bank account empty and there you go. No matter how many emails you drop or how many calls you make, they’ll never give you a satisfactory response and this will leave you with no option but to sit back and think where things went wrong. 

Although it is good to learn from past mistakes, this never helped me in spotting the new forex firms because each one of them was employing a distinctive and more innovative approach to trap a new set of traders. I have been trading for around two decades now and I have seen a large number of families being destroyed at the hands of these firms. If you take it constructively and get going after taking notes then you are at the winning end but if you don’t, then things might get seriously wrong for you. I have been deceived by these firms multiple times and while I was living through that dry patch, I could see no hope but thanks to my friends I finally got back on track.

It was my best friend who told me about Green Tower Investments at first. I was convinced that this forex firm like all previous ones will not be Green for me because that’s what my experiences said. Long story short, he convinced me to look into the website and I did reluctantly. I need to share with you here that when I had a look at the website, I was particularly astonished because I could sense something different for the first time. I could not understand it back then but now I know that if you remain vigilant then you can spot many fake forex firms from the website because it says a lot. 

I could see that Green Tower Investments could be something better than the previous ones and that was the only reason why I went out into the market to see if the broker was well-reputed. After around 3 months of research, I was ready to sign up but because of my bitter past experiences, I wanted to start with the most basic account. It took me less than 3 months to finally upgrade to the Platinum account because of the brilliant services. Ever since then, I have found the broker great but I also observed a few issues that I would like to discuss as we proceed in the review. I want to make sure that you keep in mind that this review cannot be and should not be the only thing you consult before making any choices only because it is not necessary that my experience matches yours. It is so because trading is a very diverse profession and each of the traders has very different needs. Although renowned companies like Green Tower Investments try their best to fulfil all these needs to the best of their capabilities, I do not hold the power to make a generalized statement. 

I will try to discuss most of the important features so that you get a clear idea about the broker yourself and then reach a point where you can make a decision. 

  • 5 Stars

Secure Working Environment

If a platform provides its users with a secure working environment then there are hefty chances of the users sticking to it for longer time periods because you will find a very small number of traders online that are true to the customers and are ready to put in extra effort when it comes to sensitive matters like security. Here at Green Tower Investments, you need not worry about a secure working environment because the broker has proved to be committed over the years. If you have a look at the Legal section of the website you’ll be astonished to see how they have explicitly stated all the worth discussing points to avoid any misconceptions that can influence the broker-customer relationship in any of the possible ways. 

I would recommend you all thoroughly go through all the important segments such as Legal Section, Disclaimer, Frequently Asked Questions to get a clear idea regarding what approach the company has adopted. 

Withdrawal Procedure

I have been to brokers which seem nice at first but when you get to work and wish to make withdrawals and deposits then you see where the flaws were hidden. I am super satisfied with the way withdrawal takes place here. First of all, one needs to undergo a verification process to get the provided information regarding identity verified. Some people think of it as something burdensome but I know this is being done only to ensure that the chances of occurrence of frauds are reduced. I like how the company lets you withdraw money in any of these three options; BankWire, CreditCard and Bitcoin Transfer. The minimum amount one can withdraw is bitcoin equivalent to $250. The introduction of Bitcoin proves that the firm keeps up with the trends in the industry so you never feel your broker is outdated. 

The website says that one has to make sure they adopt the same method for withdrawing and depositing. I hope this can be worked on unless this condition is placed for security purposes. I am satisfied with the withdrawal process duration because it is faster than most of the forex firms in the market. The only time taken is to verify your documents and identity. 

Colour-coded Stock Bar

Next up is the stocks bar which helps us gain quick information about the stock status in the market. Many brokers lack this feature either entirely or on the mobile version of the website. I like how they have adopted a time-saving approach throughout the webpage. If you look at the flashing bar on the top, you will see that they have added coloured values, green and red, so that you can instantly see if the rates are in your favour. You can click on any of the stocks to get greater insights into them. 

  • 4 Stars

Choose Between Mobile and Web Platforms

The core idea behind the emergence of forex firms was to make trading possible from the comfort of the house and to provide all at a place. With this idea at the back, It would not be justified if these firms could not be accessed from multiple devices. This is why this forum can be used from both your laptop and the phone. I have been using both and have found them equally user friendly. You will find all the features on your laptop available on your phone and this is one of the best things about the broker.

Competitive Pricing

A trader would only be attracted to something if he finds it something affordable or worth it in terms of money. This is why a successful forex firm has to be reasonably priced. You do not want the customer to underpay and neither do you want him to think he is being looted. Maintenance of this fine balance has become a thing these days. I love how this broker gives you so much at such a competitive price but I just wish the firm takes the first step towards making things easy for beginners by providing them with a free basic account. 

  • 3 Stars

Non-availability for Some Users

When you come across something as good as Green Tower Investments you want the maximum number of traders to benefit from it. A realized a few years back that the platform has been made unavailable for some of the trailers which come from given countries such as the United States, Syria, Cuba, etc. I feel like arrangements should be done as soon as possible so that a segment of society doesn’t remain deprived of the services. I have heard a few people say that the suspension of these services is because of security concerns but in my opinion, this is not a solution. The firm should make alternative arrangements to strengthen the network.


Green Tower Investments is not an average broker which is not concerned about the welfare of the consumer, in fact, they run on a principle of Client first which makes them this successful. All these years I have felt the shortcoming but they have never emerged as a significant hurdle. This and the quality services together forced me to stick to the broker for this long. If you are looking for such a broker then you can definitely look into this one. Good luck with it!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.