How Sex and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis of 2008 Led to Scapegoating a Little Guy by Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander


Posted: Feb 15, 2021 12:01 AM

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In the aftermath of the subprime home finance loan disaster of 2008, the Obama administration resolved somebody have to be punished. But as a substitute of having on the impressive money establishments at the main of the scandal — which ended up provided bailouts as a substitute — they went following the uncomplicated targets like tiny genuine estate brokers. Tony Viola was a single. Prosecutors sent him to jail for supposedly tricking banks into presenting home loans with no revenue down. But in truth, the financial institutions have been knowingly featuring those financial loans. The prosecution withheld this proof from him. The wrongdoing was so blatant that from jail, and devoid of an attorney, Viola was equipped to set up his innocence in the course of a 2nd demo.

Now it is appear out that there may have been even additional wrongdoing by prosecutors. Viola, who served eight and a half yrs in prison and was introduced in May well 2020 as a consequence of the new evidence, not long ago learned that the married prosecutor in his situation was allegedly possessing an affair with 1 of the government’s witnesses, who was also married. Ohio Assistant County Prosecutor Dan Kasaris offered Kathryn Clover as a actuality witness when in actuality she was a paralegal for the prosecutors and allegedly in a intimate romantic relationship with him. They reportedly shared the very same attorney, Jaye Schlachet, who Kasaris employed for his separation from his wife and Clover’s divorce.

Clover allegedly lied about Viola through the initial demo. But she felt so lousy about it afterward that she asked Schlachet to be put back again on the stand. The prosecutors refused, evidently, simply because they desired her fake testimony in purchase to convict Viola. She was not able to recant her testimony until the 2nd demo in state court. Then she took the Fifth Modification, likely concerned of getting prosecuted for perjury. Nevertheless, Viola believes prosecutors ongoing using her in other grand jury proceedings and prison situations — even even though they understood she fully commited perjury — for the reason that she’d say whatever they required.

Viola allegedly obtained countless numbers of e-mail exchanged involving Kasaris and Clover from Kasaris’s Yahoo electronic mail account, wherever Kasaris affixed his official signature as a prosecutor. Various witnesses submitted affidavits concerning their expertise of the affair among the couple. Kelly Patrick, a former sister-in-legislation of Kasaris, claims she has “over 100 pages of Fb Messenger messages with his spouse Susan about this sexual partnership that went on for several yrs.” 

Patrick thinks Kasaris had terrible motives for prosecuting Viola. She thinks he was jealous of him. Kasaris and his wife also acquired and bought residences with no funds down and hard cash back, and Patrick believes Kasaris saw Viola as a competitor. Kasaris is a Democrat. Patrick noticed, “Around me he was an atheist he disliked minorities, Republicans, and Catholicism.” Viola is Catholic and Republican.

Kasaris at initial denied the existence of the Yahoo e-mail but afterwards admitted he used the account for email messages pertaining to felony prosecution. He claimed he fastened the trouble by deleting the e-mail. Seemingly, since Hillary Clinton bought away with utilizing a private electronic mail account to carry out confidential government business enterprise and deleted her emails, Kasaris thinks it’s fine for him as well.  

Other wrongdoing by the prosecution in Viola’s situation has however gone unpunished. For a 10 years, the FBI claimed it was unaware of virtually 10,000 internet pages of data in its own data process on Viola’s case that would have exonerated him. FBI Agent David M. Hardy 2 times designed materially false statements asserting that the prosecution had turned about all the files and evidence to Viola. The FBI finally admitted lying about those people information. The DOJ withdrew Hardy’s statements, and in a letter to the judge, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Colville claimed he “regrets those inaccuracies and the ensuing inconvenience.” He requested the decide to vacate her prior rulings in their favor. 

Previous Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Bennett falsely mentioned there was no “FBI 302” interview summary with a banker who’d reported the financial institution presented the same no revenue down mortgage loan financial loans that Viola supposedly duped them into building. Kasaris also made wrong statements beneath oath about the existence of the very same voice recordings and the FBI 302.

Bennett afterwards admitted in producing that Clover had lied, but didn’t hassle retracting the testimony. He also lied about the existence of voice recordings built by the prosecutors’ place of work manager Dawn Pasela, who recorded her conversations with Viola so prosecutors could acquire private protection demo method info. Pasela felt so horrible later on on that she disclosed evidence the prosecution had been hiding and gave it to Viola.

Viola submitted a criticism requesting that prosecutors comply with the polices and report misconduct, but so much it has fallen on deaf ears. Even with knowingly utilizing Clover’s perjured testimony to get a conviction, Bennett received an award in 2015 for prosecuting Viola and other folks. Nothing at all has transpired to Kasaris. In point, he seems to be elevating income to run for place of work. 

Viola submitted a request to search Kasaris’s Yahoo electronic mail account, but unusually, Republican Ohio Attorney Normal Dave Yost has fought all those attempts. This is odd taking into consideration Yost wrote in the introduction to the 2020 Version of the Ohio Sunshine Handbook (which lays out how public records rules are to be enforced), “I thoroughly guidance govt transparency and your ideal to know what goes on driving the scenes.” E-mails by governing administration staff members are regarded as public information, and though sure confidential facts concerning instances may perhaps be redacted, the e-mails will have to even now be introduced. Even lots of of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail have been sooner or later released by the Point out Office.  

There are many blatant ethical violations in this case. If Donald Trump’s election lawyers had been caught participating in this variety of behavior, they would have been disbarred. But mainly because the deep state is included and the lawful technique is dominated by the remaining, no one particular desires to convert on the corrupt men and women involved who made use of Viola as a scapegoat to even more their political agenda.