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There are many areas in search engine marketing where you can spend time improving keywords research, page title, page description, image optimization, link building, and even URLs. However, the most important area where you can have a huge impact on your search results ranking is the quality of the content on your website.

No matter how much time you spend optimizing your website, if it doesn’t have fresh and interesting content, people will not come back and this will be noticed by search engines, which in turn will downgrade your page rank. Content is still king and a website with good original quality content can do much better in the long run with or without search engine optimization.

Every company can benefit from hiring a great writer. After all, you don’t want bad writing to represent you or your business. What you do want is an elegant, eloquent delivery of your message that makes your business look professional. A professional writer can provide you with excellent insight, can create purposeful content for your brand, grasp powerful concepts and presenting them in a precise and accurate way and help you save your time so you can focus more on running your business.

Great writers don’t come cheap, but they are worth the money. If you think you’re ready to hire one but you don’t know how to begin, consider these tips;

Tip 1: Determine Your Goals

First of all, you need to know exactly why you are looking for a content writer for your business. Maybe you are looking for high-quality content to promote your products or services, you are looking to improve your search engine rankings, increase your conversion rate or engage your audience on social media.

Tip 2: Decide Based Upon Your Needs

Do you want a content writer for a short term project or for an ongoing basis? Perhaps, you want a content writer who writes exceptionally well with lots of experience or someone who writes well even with a bit of experience. You may need a writer who has to work at your premises or can work remotely.

Tip 3: Assess His/Her Qualities

These are a few important qualities your writer must possess, which could also help you decide if they are the one you are looking for;

  1. Impeccable Writing skills

It goes without saying that the content writer that you hire must possess very good writing skills. The content writer must be able to convincingly put forth the message that you want to convey to your audience with no-frills, but impeccable writing.

  1. Experience is a plus.

Not always, but the experience definitely counts. Experience tells us what to do and what not to do, what to embrace and what to avoid. An experienced content writer knows what language works and what doesn’t in terms of conversion rate as well as search engine rankings. The more varied content writing projects your content writer has worked on, the better equipped he or she is to do justice to your work.

  1. Have enough time for you.

Quality, high-performance content cannot be created or written at breakneck speed when you are counting every dollar you are spending on your content writer. Similarly, your content writer must have enough time to give to your project rather than switching between different projects.

  1. Has a decent presence on the internet.

Although it doesn’t matter if your content writer has a decent presence on the internet, it means he or she knows the importance of business or brand having a decent presence on the internet. A blog, professional profile or an online portfolio shows that this writer doesn’t just practice his or her skills, but he or she also expresses himself or herself as a passionate professional.

  1. Clear and constant communication.

Is your content writer communicative? Creating high-quality, impactful content means good communication skills – both ways. Your writer should be able to communicate with you regularly, as clearly as possible. Clear communication means you both are always on the same page and your writer must know how to approach you in case more information is needed or if something needs clarification.

Tip 4: Write A Creative And Precise Job Description

Write down clearly the type of writer you are looking for. Writers come in different classification; brand journalists, copywriter, ghostwriter, freelancer, SME, and content developer. From these decisions, post a job on websites, forums or agencies with a description that sets the expectation clear and precise.

Tip 5: Ask Your Friends or Professional Groups

One of the best approaches to find great writers is the word of mouth. Ask your friends, co-workers, from forums or professional groups who work with great writers or might be able to recommend quality writers. If someone in your circle has successfully worked with this writer, then you know you can trust this person and obtain a similar result.

To have a strong brand and bring a big return on investment for your business, you need a great writer to get the job done—or become one yourself. We hope the above tips have helped you in finding the right content writer for your business.