Almost every business in the world requires printing for something at one point in their work. Los Angeles is one of the biggest business centers in the world. There are major companies working there that need constant printing for some of their requirements.

Smaller companies also need this service. Especially those that are working in a business requiring constant printing of flyers and similar materials depend on finding a good partner that will do a good job.

If you’re one of those business owners looking for such a service, you’re probably wondering if there’s a better option than printing everything on your home printer. Read this article and the points below to find out how to find the best service in Los Angeles!


The Los Angeles city alone is just over 500 square miles big. That’s a really big area. Finding a great service at the other part of the city while your working place is at the completely different part means that you’ll need to spend a lot of time while you get them from the printing shop to your offices or the warehouse.

What’s more important, all this, waste resources. You’ll need to spend a lot of money for the transportation of goods. You’ll have to involve a lot more people to do the job and generally, you’re wasting too much effort in conducting the whole operation.

This is why the location is so important. Don’t accept a printing company that’s too far away unless it’s the only good one. However, it’s really hard to believe that on the entire LA area you won’t find another great place for doing this.

Turnaround time

The turnaround time is one of the most important things in the business of printing. Imagine if you have 100.000 copies of something and the person responsible for booking tells you that it’s too much and you have to wait for a month.

These houses need to have enough capacity to do this in a single day. Good turnaround time is 24 hours unless you order something physically impossible to do it in a day. Most of the orders should be done in a day.

A serious printing house will be able to cover almost anything in this period of time. For example, is a company based in LA that guaranties that will get things done in less than a day. If they can do it, be sure that others can too, so don’t take anything less than this.


Another highly important issue is the quality that the company can guarantee. Printing houses have all kinds of machines that can or cannot do certain orders. Some requirements can’t be met on machines that only have few colors, as an example.

Most modern firms today can do almost anything you can think of. Even though the machines that do all the job are huge and expensive, they are still something that this business won’t survive without. If you think the pricing is high, that’s because it takes a lot of investment to do a good job for you.

What a good job is can be seen by the final result. Absolutely unacceptable is to find some of the colors become blend right away or some of the print falls off the surface where it was placed. This is considered a complete failure.

Also important is the look of the final result. You shouldn’t accept a product that looks different than what you ordered. The text must be precisely placed, the pictures must have adequate color by the international code, and everything must be done exactly as you ordered. There’s no room for errors in this segment.

Online reviews

The online reviews are something that can be helpful for everything you’d like to know about the way the potential candidate does business. More web pages are offering to review the work many businesses do, so don’t hesitate to open the internet and look for some inside information.

Previous clients often leave rating about their experience. Some of them like to comment and explain in details what happened during the time they were working together. Read here about the importance of online review sites.

If you see bad reviews and comments from people claiming that they weren’t treated good, it means you need to look for someone else. More bad comments, especially for the same issue is a clear sign that those guys are not doing something right.

Having a bad attitude toward clients means they’ll probably have a bad attitude toward the job. Even if you can handle the contact and stay positive about it, chances are big they ruin the product you need so badly. Bad working atmosphere means a bad end product, no doubt.


The price is also important, of course. Still, don’t expect that someone can do the same job as others for a significantly lower price. If the competition is all around the same price and someone offers lower, be sure that something’s not right there.

All printing houses have done the math and know exactly how much is enough to give you a good price and still be profitable. If most of them have the same price, you should accept that one.

If you find a good place that asks for a much higher amount, feel free to tell them about these other guys. If they don’t give you the same as the rest, quit the negotiation and look for a better company.


If you follow these rules you can be sure that you’ll find the best out there. Almost every one of these topics are equally important and if you want to make a good deal you need to consider it all.

Use the internet, read other people’s opinions and do some phone calls to learn about the methods and the prices of different houses. Use the method of elimination and choose the best one.