How to Request for Free Customer Reviews

If you do not know what wonders online customer reviews do to a business, then you need a refresher course on digital marketing. Getting reviews of your products and services help build the integrity of your brand and leave lasting credibility to your organization in general. See what a sample of a customer review looks like at BritainReviews for companies.

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Let’s walk through some facts. Every 3-4 British customer read through a product’s reviews before deciding to buy. About 80% of the world’s heavy shoppers are being notified of new products through customer reviews. Do you know that roughly 70% of leading companies’ consumers only trust reviews for less than 2 months?

We can go on and on about the importance of customer reviews on the growth and awareness of a product brand, but the summary point of getting reviews is because they help potential customers picture what going into business with you would seem like.

Before you ask for reviews from your consumers, you want to be certain you have carefully thought out what the reviews should sound like. You also want to be careful of when to send out the review requests. Always target lunch breaks and after working hours because these are when people have a few hours to rate your product or services online. Sending reviews request late in the night or during work hours is a total waste

Let’s quickly look at certain patterns and strategies to make a customer review request politely and tactically.

Firstly, you can make your request known through emails. One of the effective means of gathering as many reviews as you can is through request forms by email. Make the email channel on the top of your list for sending review requests. Requesting for reviews via mail also allows you to link the previously completed transaction to the request. For example, the content of your mail could go in this direction; “Thanks for your patronage. Please leave feedback on our services and how to serve you better.”

Secondly, about 50% of customers’ feedbacks is sent from mobile devices. You should try sending your customers a text message survey request, there’s a high chance of them clicking on the link. Text messages are always taken of high importance, sometimes than emails. A lot of people ignore emails because 70% of them are irrelevant newsletters they forgot to opt-out from. So explore the text message request option. Make it simple, precise and friendly.

One technique that works often is the new idea of creating a landing page dedicated to reviews to be able to generate important feedback and reviews from the customers. This is one tactical way to encourage your customers to be more outspoken about their experiences with your business. The landing pages should be enabled through the use of survey forms, and review generation software. These tools are designed with outlined instructions to help make your review request easy to understand.

There’s no further way to give the importance of online reviews on the credibility of your business. Try these steps out and see things for yourself.