InfinityCapitalG Reviews 2021 – A Broker You Can Trust? (

I am not here to beat around the bush and keep telling you tales of forex firms that have ever worked in the market. Neither I am here to tell you how many families and how many lives these firms have destroyed because I know that today’s traders are well aware of all the harm that these fake firms have the potential of causing. I want to get straight to the point which is reviewing my broker InfinityCapitalG. I want to make it clear before starting my review that I have been using this broker for years now and this is a firm that is very well reputed among the trading community. People hold it in high regard because the broker has worked very hard to prove that the forum actually cares for the customers. 

Why am I reviewing?

Today, I will be reviewing this broker because I want you all to benefit from my experience and I also don’t want you all to repeat the mistakes that I made decades ago. Such carelessness leads to the propagation of fake firms which is one thing none of us wants. It would be right to say that these firms work in a very cunning manner but somewhere it was us traders who were at fault because we somehow gave up on our habit to research and make thoughtful decisions. This was where the slave for imposter firms was created and there they are ruling the forex market openly. 

How did I get to know about this firm?

I’ll be honest with you all. I had actually stopped looking for forex firms by then because I was sure about the non-existence of the companies which are actually there to serve and not to plunder. Well, my friend’s brother told me about InfinityCapitalG saying that this was the only broker which has managed to satisfy me. After listening to him I laughed because I thought he was living through the period where fake firms make you believe you are the luckiest person to be alone on earth. I was astonished to know that it was a long time since he was using it and now I had to look into this myself. 

How long did it take me to finally join?

I feel like no period of research can be enough until you are sure about the broker being an honest one. Now, this can take you a few weeks to a few months or maybe a few years. But to complete my research took around 6 months. Although in the first few days of my research, I understood that the firm had something good because of the way everybody was praising it but I wanted to make sure I looked into all the sensitive points so it took me a little longer. 

Would I sign up for another broker?

If I was given an option to change my broker to a new one, I’d refuse without giving it a second thought. Not because it is free of flaws but because I am highly satisfied with the mainstream services which are mandatory for healthy trading. I have already mentioned that the firm isn’t free of flaws like any other one but the reason why I will stick to it is the overall competency of the platform. Here you feel that you have landed in safe hands. After becoming successful many representatives from different firms have approached me pointing out the flaws of this one and the qualities of their broker but I always turn down the biggest offers because it took me and this broker a very long time to establish a trust-based relationship which doesn’t have price. 

The best thing about this platform

I have always admired the foolproof security that I get to enjoy on this forum. I have seen that the firm has invested heavily in the area of security just to make its networks immune to attacks by hackers or thieves. Many people have told me that the company makes use of high tech software and new technology to make sure that our assets remain safe and are not prone to attacks. I feel like this is the best thing that a broker can do for its consumers. One way to check for security is to ask experienced traders if they have ever heard of any security breaches on this forum. Let me tell you that I have never heard of any such event, in fact, I haven’t even heard anyone say that they have observed something suspicious in this regard. If you look at the legal section and the KYC policy, in particular, you’ll see that they invest a lot of energy to make the working experience safe for you. So yeah, the best thing has to be the security. 

How do I find the website?

Unlike most of the firms online, this one has a superior interface. I like how the website has been put out in a manner that is easy to use for both beginners and the ones who are not as good with technology and using websites in particular. I have to say that the theme of the website could have been made better by adding in more colours and by enhancing the colour pallet but otherwise, it is very easy to navigate through. You will never find yourself fumbling around because all important options have been placed at the front. The best part is that the website can be used from multiple devices such as phones, laptops and tablets. I have used all three versions and they are equally easy to use. I also like how they have gone for a white backdrop so overall it’s great but if the company makes it more engaging it would have been even better. 

Order execution and Transaction process

These two are two more factors that are largely ignored by the young ones in particular. I have seen at some forex brokers, orders are executed after months and then they also charge extra heavy fees for process completion but I am glad this isn’t the case at this forum. The firm makes use of high power computers that work together in the form of a network to execute the processes as soon as possible. I have never heard the representatives fooling customers by saying that the system went down or that there’s an increased load that the system isn’t capable of processing fast.

As for the transaction process, it is extremely smooth and the information is kept highly confidential. It will never be shared by a third party unless your consent has been taken. I like how they never charge extra bucks for the execution of transaction orders because this is something clearly pointless. This reminds me to mention that I am also satisfied by the competitive prices and the rates which are highly affordable as compared to those offered by competitors. 

Is there a demo account?

Unfortunately, as of yet, there is no demo account being offered for beginners. A demo account lets you trade with fake money so that young buds can get acquainted with the way things work generally at forex firms and in particular at this firm. I feel like it isn’t fair that the new traders are sent to trade with real money without any experience. Apart from that, the initial amount or deposit for the most basic account should also be reduced keeping in mind the fact that the survival of young buds has become hard with the increased presence of fake firms. I hope the company will soon work on this. If a demo account cannot be provided, then maybe they can be allowed to trade for free for a period of 6 months or so, so that they understand the basics before stepping into the complex world.

Are webinars provided to all account holders?

This is another area which has to be improved. If you go through the account types page, you’ll see that they have segregated the features in a good way but some things need to be changed on a priority basis. You all are aware of the importance of holding webinars because they are the easiest way to keep up with the changing trends and advances. It isn’t great to see that none of the account members are offered webinars regularly so you have to attend the private ones. You can’t be sure about the authenticity of information and sometimes the rates are a bit too high so the firms should arrange these often and all should be allowed to attend them free of cost.


InfinityCapitalG has some issues but I am sure they will be addressed soon because of the way the firm has been responding to our complaints and problems. I think that the firm is something that traders should look into because I have seen the administration world towards making the firm fit for all sorts of traders. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.