InfoCert, trusted services

With the implementation of smart working and the digitization of archives, documents of various kinds, dematerialization of paper, is essentially a company that provides these services. This is an extremely delicate field that requires, therefore, professional skills and, above all, that it is reliable as, for example, InfoCert. 

InfoCert, trusted services

InfoCert is currently the main Qualified Trusted Service Provider (QTSP), the leading European provider of digital trusted services in Italy, very active in research and innovation, which helps its customers to exploit the business value of digital transformation.

The company has obtained the certification for the Time-Stamping Service, a tool that allows certifying the certain date and time of its documents, thus extending its legal validity over time. 

The delivery processes, based on the certification obtained, comply with ETSI EN 319 401 standards, making InfoCert an eIDAS certified Time Stamping Authority.

Since December 2015, InfoCert has also become an AgID accredited manager of the digital identity of citizens and businesses, obviously according to the regulatory and technical requirements of the SPID (Public Digital Identity Management System).

In 2018 it acquired 51% of Camerfima, one of the main Spanish certification authorities, and 50% of LuxTrust, a leading company in the Digital Trust of Luxembourg. As of 2020, it also owns a 16.7% stake in Authada, a leading-edge German Identity Provider. Furthermore, InfoCert is also 80% shareholder of Sixtema, technological partner of the world CNA, 100% of Eco-Mind, a company specialized in digital workplace solutions.

What InfoCert does

Currently, InfoCert is an extremely reliable partner and helps companies to digitally organize their business processes. The company’s mission is to simplify all transactions and processes that can be digitized, from the simplest to the most complex ones that require great attention, confidentiality, and trust. 

There are several reliable and qualified solutions offered by InfoCert. From end-to-end electronic signature to digital identity solutions, to enable a reliable and convenient digital business for the customer. 

One of the solutions offered is customer identification, which is fundamental for every online transaction. Today, more than ever before, with the increasingly rapid digitization, the information exchanged between companies and consumers are increasingly articulated. Ensuring the safe exchange of flows is fundamental. 

With InfoCert services, companies can verify the identity of consumers within minutes. Easy for customers, secure for businesses, thanks to data extraction technologies.

Another field is digital transactions. Today’s signature and authorization processes still require paper printing of documents to be signed, but with InfoCert’s solution for transactions and approvals, companies can prepare, sign, authenticate, and archive everything digitally.

A considerable saving of resources, both for the company and the environment. Transactions have full legal value, as do signed documents.

To eliminate the complexity created by the many existing electronic invoice formats that are adopted throughout the EU, thus facilitating international trade, a European standard for electronic invoicing has been introduced.

The solution provided by InfoCert, Legalinvoice HUB, allows us to digitize the entire invoice process, both incoming and outgoing, domestic and cross-border. 

A team of experts at the service of companies

Our team of experts in compliance and technology supports customers and helps them find the best solution for every need. More than 6% of the annual turnover is invested in R&D to always guarantee the best and innovative solution.

InfoCert data centers are located in Europe and all services are offered following European regulations. Today, security in the digital world is essential, for this we need secure and reliable solutions.