Internet Bandwith Management

Internet is one thing that is not weird stuff anymore, especially now that almost all devices using an Internet connection to communicate, find information, references, and other things. But for those who have limited internet quota, or wifi for large events, of course, wants to save the rest of the internet bandwidth usage quota that can be used for longer so that you can still feel the Internet connection.

Quoted from Las Vegas Bandwidth Service page the following is understanding of bandwidth, bandwidth in computer science is a calculation of consumption data is available on a telecommunications. Internet bandwidth is calculated in units of bits per seconds (bits per second). In the world of web hosting, bandwidth capacity is defined as the maximum amount of data transfer (text, images, video, sound, and others) that occur between server hosting the client computers in a given period. For example, 5 GB per month, which means the maximum amount of data transfer can be done by all clients is 5 GB, if the bandwidth is exhausted then the website can not be opened up to the new moon. More and more features on the website such as images, video, voice, and more, the more bandwidth will be used. For more details please shee the actual page here,

Well enough to explain what the bandwidth, and the following is a selection of 5-saving applications quota free internet so that you can use your internet bandwidth is not quickly exhausted.

Traffic Shaper XP

This application is an application based on a bandwidth management solution that can be used as an option on your network connection. Traffic Shaper XP enables administrators to monitor network traffic, data flow control capabilities, including automated components for internet allocation provision. This one application can control any flow with the help of a combination of priority selection, service levels and also speed up and limit the use of bandwidth allocation. This system will allow full control over all types of data bandwidth usage on the use of games, video, VoIP, web and e-mail.


NetBalancer is a utility app that is extremely simple to manage your bandwidth usage. NetBalancer can be used on the operating system Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and Windows 8. By installing NetBalancer then you can easily check all processes that use bandwidth as well as knowing how much amount of bandwidth used on a network. One of the main features of this application is that it allows to regulate the use of limits (limit) bandwidth simply by right-clicking on the specific application and create a setting priorities for the use of bandwidth to a particular application or process in the computer system belongs to you


With the help of a quota-saving applications this one, you can check out and also get bandwidth report usage, measure the speed of the Internet or any other network connection. Another feature is that it allows to detect easily to determine the sources of the problem on the network connection and we can handle with ease. Design interface application provided will allow you to form a visual warning system and also sound can be adjusted. You can set an alert when your internet connection is experiencing “down” or when you detect some suspicious network activity that is nature of your internet connection.

ISP Monitor

Applications ISP Monitor will tell you about the amount of bandwidth usage of various types of connections, will then show details on the amount of information the amount of bandwidth used for downloading and uploading. Next to useless as a network monitoring tool, this application has a disk monitor feature that offers information to you in real-time about the speed of read / write on a hard drive. The feature is useful when you need to download a file with a large size and decide where the downloaded file locations to be stored. You can also set a limit for downloads and uploads in the system for your internet be durable and not wasteful.

Network Meter

If you have more than one network adapter and you want to know how much bandwidth has been used by each adapter, then Network Meter is an application that is well suited. Application Network Meter will provide to you about the network and also monitor installed adapter will also provide details of the network connection traffic. You can monitor bandwidth usage with statistical results will be displayed by the application is started from the Network Meter bandwidth usage for downloading or uploading process quite easily.


That’s 5 best application options for bandwith manager on everyday life. Thanks.