Is Buying Your Medications Online the Answer You’ve Been Looking For?

The crisis is well known. Prescription drug prices are exorbitantly high, especially in the United States, and the inability to afford them is creating another, entirely unnecessary, health-related pandemic. Going without a necessary treatment or medication means whatever goes untreated gets worse, launching a cascade of failure in nearby organs or related systems.

If the federal government cannot rein in the devastatingly high cost of prescription meds, then ordinary citizens will have to find their own solutions. I want to talk to you about one possibility you’ve probably heard of but may never have seen discussed in detail: buying your medications from reputable, Canadian-based mail-order pharmacies, such as PricePro Pharmacy.

Let’s start this discussion at the very beginning.

Defining the Term “Mail-Order Pharmacy”

Online or mail-order pharmacies are internet stores where you can buy prescription drugs and have them delivered to your home. It is a very convenient way to receive your medications, but the main reason millions of people order their meds from mail-order pharmacies like PricePro Pharmacy is the savings they realize as compared to buying at traditional pharmacies.

Your health should never be determined by your income, but we know that sometimes, it is. Please follow our advice for safe ways to save. Many online pharmacies are governed by no regulations, so it is critical that you choose wisely and shop safely. Legitimate, safe mail-order pharmacies are out there, and we can help you find them.

Determining the Legitimacy of a Mail-Order Pharmacy

It is a crime that prescription drug prices are so high, but an even greater tragedy would be to put your own health at risk trying to find an affordable solution. Many “rogue” pharmacies with fake or expired drugs are out there, disguised as legitimate mail-order pharmacies, hoping to capitalize on your desperate situation. Here are a few ways to steer clear of them:

  1. A legitimate online pharmacy will bear the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site (VIPPS) seal, signifying certification by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, a national organization established in 1904.
  2. All legitimate pharmacies will require you to produce a doctor’s prescription before they deliver any drug—online pharmacies must do the same; they’ll provide a way to upload the script.
  3. Every legitimate pharmacy recognizes the importance of understanding drug interactions, so they should have a registered pharmacist as part of their operation.
  4. Legitimate pharmacies will also require you fill out a detailed health profile, listing all the medications and supplements you take, in order to ensure your safety.
  5. Be sure the pharmacy has a physical location. Many rogue pharmacies are fly-by-night operations: they build a website, peddle a quantity of fake pills, then shut it down and start all over.

Tips to Maximize Your Savings

So, how much can you save when buying medicines online. It will vary, according to too many factors to account for here, but these tips should help:

  • Buy generic brands whenever possible.
  • Shop around to compare prices.
  • Many pharmacies offer discount programs.
  • If your insurance allows it, you may find a bonus, like a 3-month supply for two co-pays.
  • Get a prescription to cover multiple months and buy in bulk.
  • Find local assistance programs.

Our best savings tip by far (which also meets all the qualifications above): visit PricePro Pharmacy.