It turns out that not all risks are covered by indemnity risk insurance, what are they?

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Many insurance customers think that if you take a Compensation car insurance product, then all risks will be borne by the insurance company. But the reality is not the problem. Please reopen the insurance policy and read in more detail about the insurance coverage contained in it, especially in the excluded insurance coverage clause. There you will get some risks that are not covered by the Compensation Insurance Product. Currently there is the best professional indemnity insurance policies in 2019, some of which have become standard clauses in insurance agreements.

For more details, let’s look at what risks are covered and not by the insurance company. Here is the description:

Risks Covered by the Insurance

The principle of risk coverage is an accidental event and causes damage to the vehicle, even though it is small for example:

  • Your vehicle crashed into another vehicle or was hit by another vehicle or you hit dead and stationary objects such as walls, poles and trees.
  • The car is hit by scratches, cracked glass, loss of accessories and others with the agreed terms of the claim.
  • Vehicle loss or damage due to disaster and riots.

Understand the risks not covered by insurance

This type of risk is usually more directed towards deliberate action or the vehicle owner consciously performs an action that he himself understands the risk but continues to do. Some occurrences that you need to understand about it for example:

  • Car damage occurs due to insured vehicles used to push or pull objects
  • Vehicles are used for training, racing, hobbies or marches
  • The vehicle is used for crime both by the policy holder and committed by the policyholder’s family
  • Loss / loss due to embezzlement and fraud and events that are beyond reasoning such as hypnosis and the like
  • This insured vehicle carries loads that are outside the limits specified by the manufacturer
  • Vehicles carrying goods, animals that are not in accordance with the provisions of the use of the car
  • The vehicle is exposed to chemicals especially those from inside the car and then touches the surface and others
  • The vehicle was lost due to the parking of the pallet because this incident was considered that the vehicle owner intentionally handed over / left the car to someone he did not know at risk of loss.

By understanding in advance what are the risks that are protected and what are not protected when you choose this type of comprehensive car insurance so that you are more careful because it turns out that not all risks are covered by Compensation Insurance.