KeepABit Review 2021 – Is it a trustworthy exchange? (

Trading is one of the oldest professions today which continues attracting individuals the most. Young men and women these days look up to trading as their ticket to a brighter future. We cannot totally negate their thoughts and beliefs but I’m sorry to break it to you that trading is no more the same as trading. The profession has also evolved like anything that you find around yourselves and the new form has come out in a way that has made the survival of young blood more than just hard.

When we were growing up or even when we entered the area, it was hard already but now I see that things have become harder particularly in the Crypto area. According to many people, crypto is one of the riskiest areas to invest in. If you ask them, they’ll explain how they think it isn’t only the volatility but also the fake exchangers who have cast all eyes on your money. A lot many people attribute it to the lack of regulation on the government’s part but for me somewhere it is the exchangers too who refuse to take the responsibility to research and keep trusting what others tell them. If you have any similar approach towards life, then you need to get this rectified before anything unwanted happens to you, your money or your career as a trader. 

I don’t want this to sound like a boring sermon so I just want to let you all know that I have learned these words from experience. Yes, successful traders like me are scammed. Yes, we all have fallen into their traps at one time or the other. And through this review, I don’t only wish to review KeepABit but also explain what to look for in an exchanger. 

This might seem easy, but with all the innovation that scammers have brought to the way they work, trust me it’s harder than ever to find a good firm that is worth all the trust. I will try to explain how the platform has been to me in the least boring way and I hope by the end of the review you all will have a clear understanding of what the company is like in the eyes of someone who has been using it for years now. I would also like to suggest and request that my review should be nothing more than a part of your research process because reading a review cannot and should not be enough in today’s time particularly. 

I would like to thank my neighbour, Mr Dave Saigon who told me about the Crypto exchange, KeepABit. He was the one who forced me to look into the firm after I had actually given up on these online crypto exchanges. It was his conviction that forced me to visit the website and the website alone was enough to make me like the company. Although I didn’t sign up right after viewing it, I have to acknowledge how their rightly designed website kept me hooked throughout. I did my research for around 3 months when I was finally ready to trust it with my hard-earned money. 

Ever since then, KeepABit has been a great partner to me. Not that I haven’t seen any hard times after joining it, but it has remained with me through all the highs and lows and this is one quality that long term partnerships demand. Let’s have a look at the positives and negatives of the platform that was unleashed in this long but profitable journey from all angles. 

Highly Satisfactory Security Measures

Okay, so the first thing that I want to discuss with you all is that I have found the forum immensely safe and secure not only for my money but also for my private and confidential information. I have seen that the firm works so hard towards providing its customers with a safe working environment. Because this is something found rarely online, I have always valued the forum for this. If you open the website and go straight scrolling to the bottom of the landing page, you’ll see a Legal Section. There you’ll find the important Legal documents such as terms and conditions, AML/CTF statement, Refund and Cancellation Policy and the Privacy Policy. All of these have been phrased in a very simple and precise manner which suggests that the company is all about keeping their customers updated about the associated threats as well as about the terms and conditions on which the firm operates. The 2 step authentication step is something highly commendable. I remember on one of my previous forums I was provided with the so-called best tools and indicators but the security was below average and I ended up losing all my money in an attack made on the network. Any of the high tech features did not come to my help so I decided to move security up in my priority list. I have never experienced or heard of any such activity at KeepABit and this keeps me satisfied and calm.

User-friendly Website

So this is another thing which you should always look for whenever it comes to a website that you’ll be using on a regular basis. I have seen many traders ignoring this at first and then regretting later. If a website isn’t user friendly, you’ll see it will turn into a headache very soon. The website of this forum is very well designed. I like the theme and the colours used. I feel like they together make it very attractive and engaging. There are some people who find it very childish and clearly not one of them. In fact, I feel like these figures and drawings make the website more self-explanatory and help us easily navigate through it. Videos have also been integrated into the portal to help beginners figure their way out. Important options have been highlighted and the major trading box has been placed right in front so no one has to struggle to find it. The needed values and figures are also displayed near the top to make sure that the users quickly get an idea of what’s going on in the market. I think the developers have done a good job but if they added feedback tiles of the user, it would’ve been even better. 


As you scroll down, you’ll see multiple news articles have been included on the website. When I first saw this, I was particularly happy because these articles keep the users updated about the crypto world and give them news about different digital tokens. If you click open this news, you’ll see that the articles are very catchy, engaging, to the point and the content is something that the traders need a lot. I feel like their addition is a good idea but the firm should consider covering the tokens that aren’t yet available on the page. 

Easy to Register

A good website has been designed in a manner that the processes are hassle-free. This is why joining the website is a very easy process. All you need to do is fill up a very small form that asks for your basic information such as your name, and phone number. You are also required to add your phone number. Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps you simply hit the sign up button and there you go. 

Now let’s talk about some areas that need to be improved. 

Payment Methods

The company is offering only one payment option which is Bankwire. I understand the options have been kept little keeping in mind the security concerns but this comes in the way of ease for some of the traders and hence should be addressed. I wish there comes a time when PayPal is added in there. 

2 Currencies Only

When an exchanger joins the firm, he/she wishes to expand the portfolio to ensure they grab the maximum number of opportunities coming their way. We understand how the company does not want to add up currencies that aren’t safe to trade because they don’t have blockchain access but there are many which have access but aren’t a part of the options such as Litecoin. The company should add safer options so we can explore, earn and learn more. The delay might be because currently only Ethereum and bitcoin are being used most. I hope with a surge in demand more make it to the dropdown. 


In a time where finding the right exchange firm is no less than a blessing, I am immensely happy over my choice because KeepABit gives me the best-exchanging environment. It must be clear by now that the firm isn’t free of flaws but I guess that will happen no matter what firm you opt for, it’s just that the set of flaws should be bearable. Also, if you have a hope that the company will get issues addressed which bother the customers then you keep going on. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.