There is not much point to owning a business if no one knows that it exists. This is why it is all important to have an effective promotional strategy. Below, we offer some suggestions that we hope will foster the success of your business.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

Marketing and promotional strategies go hand in hand. To develop a marketing strategy you need to determine the long term goals for your goods or service. Explore ways to advertise what your business offers. Take a look at the promotional tools that are available to you.

Determine what you are going to charge for your product or service. Exam how you will distribute your product. A marketing plan will help you figure out who your customer base is. This is where marketing and promotional strategies merge. You can’t successfully promote your business without knowing what demographic you are trying to reach.

Create a Logo

Everyone recognizes the Nike Swoop, the Chevrolet Bow tie, and the golden arches. Your logo will be the face of your company. People will see your logo and immediately associate it with your business. There are professional logo design companies. There are also free online tutorials that will guide you through creating your own logo.

The key to making your logo immediately recognisable is saturation. Each piece of paper your business generates whether it is a circular or business letter should display the image that represents your company. When someone visits your website they should see your logo and don’t forget to include it on signage. Contact a promotional product supplier and have your logo placed on clothing, travel mugs, and whatever merchandise seems appropriate.

Pass Out Promotional Items

Promotional items can be used to thank customers or as an incentive to purchase your product or service. They are also a way to give your logo higher visibility. This is true especially when the logo appears on hats and other clothing. Beverage containers, calendars, and pens are examples of the most popular promotional items. Logo branded Styrofoam Cups are the most ideal beverage containers for use at your indoor or outdoor business events.


Besides enabling you to scope out the competition networking offers other benefits. You may learn of other businesses that can use your goods or services. Networking is another way to get the name of your business out there. You can find networking groups online or in trade journals. When among your group hand out business cards and be sure to introduce yourself and your business to others.

Form Business Alliances

Look for a company that offers a product or service that can be complemented by your products or services. An example of a business alliance would be the working relationship Ford Motor Company and Firestone tires had once. The challenge is that until your business has built a good reputation other businesses may not be eager to work with you.

Maintain Customer Relationships

An easy and inexpensive way to build and preserve a relationship with your customers is regular emails. The emails take the form of a newsletter. Let the customer know about new products you are offering, offer helpful hints, or mention upcoming sales. Whatever form your emails take do not let your customers forget you.

Encourage Word of Mouth Advertising

For all the advertising methods available including social media word of mouth advertising is still important. Ask satisfied customers to tell others about your business. Maybe offer incentives for existing customers to send you new business. Do everything within reason to satisfy displeased customers. You do not want dissatisfied customers airing their grievances to potential customers.