Hasil gambar untuk Preparing for the Unexpected: Is Your Business Earthquake-ready

Business with offices in Earthquake-prone areas like California, Los Angeles, and the rest should be cautious of natural calamities.

This is one of the cases where you’d rather be safe than sorry. Why? Because at one time a tremor will strike, and the consequences may be costly. You must prepare your office to weather these storms.

Start by making some changes in your workplace to make it more resistant to earthquakes. Besides physical changes, you can also employ the following practices to stay safe during earthquakes.

  1. Use wall bookshelves 

You can either use straps to fix tall shelves to the wall or call in furniture services like Los Angeles office furniture to design wall bookshelves for you. Insist that you need furniture that can keep your files safe during earthquakes.

Either way, you can be sure your office won’t be a mess in case of large-magnitude earthquakes.

  1. Are You in Compliance

Does your office comply with the laws on earthquake safety? Most buildings in prime areas in places like California have not been made safe for earthquakes.

Make sure the building you choose to buy or rent your office space is retrofitted.

  1. Draft a Disaster Plan

Forward-thinking business owners worry about the effects of such natural calamities and prepare recovery plans to help them get back up and running.

Consider the worst-case scenario; what if the impact is huge that you cannot access your workplace? How do you get the files you need?

Back up files in the cloud and hard disks so that you don’t suffer. Also, do not store your back up hard drives in your workplace.

  1. Keep Crucial Credentials Off-site

You don’t want to risk your credentials by storing them at the office. If the building were to go down because of the earthquake, then you’ll have lost everything you need to do business.

Apart from earthquakes, offices are always in danger of problems like sudden fires and more.

  1. Get Insurance—Cover Your Business from Earthquake 

If you’re in an earthquake-prone zone, you better seek earthquake insurance. Though some of these insurance plans are costly, sometimes you are safer with a cover plan.

Insuring your office against earthquakes ensures your business gets back up on its feet soon after the calamity.

Final Thoughts

Earthquakes will remain inevitable. It is the business owner’s role to protect the company from the adverse outcomes of these calamities. These five tips can help you stay safe and hit the ground running in the shortest time possible.

Author Bio: Melissa Rayner is the proud owner of Trader Boys, where you can get Los Angeles office furniture. When she isn’t running her family business, she’s busy spending time with her children and 3 beautiful grand children.