Managing Work-Life Balance In An Early Stage Startup

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting time, but it can also come with its many downs and stresses as your strive to make your business successful.

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Considering around 80 percent of startups fail within the first 2 years, it makes how you conduct your business plan and your work ethic crucial to whether you succeed in the long run. To put every effort into your business, it may require changes in your daily routine to ensure you can look after your business as well as looking after yourself. But you may be asking yourself exactly how you can achieve this. Here are some tips that can help you manage your work-life balance whilst also making your business successful.


Enforce an overtime cap

At the beginning stages of your business, deadlines will need to be met and long hours will have to be produced. The issue with this is that if workers become overworked, they’re more likely to become demotivated and less willing to work. Some employees may even question the amount of overtime they’re actually working and consider taking legal action through dispute resolution lawyers to resolve proceedings.

In order to gain consistency with your work and service, put a cap in place for the amount of overtime an employee can work each month. This way, they’re not overworked, they know exactly how many hours they can be overworked for and they can remain motivated.

Create some ‘you’ time

Regardless of what position you’re in within the company, time should always be made for time outside of work. Make some room in your schedule to have a bit of time where you can relax and revitalise yourself before you need to go in. This will give you a chance of escapism from work rather than feeling you’re living at work. It’ll provide you with a positive mindset to lead yourself to success.

Listen to employees

Don’t think as though you need to do everything for yourself. The reason you create a team within a business is so they can bring their expertise to the table and spread the workload between each other. Conducting regular reviews and having meetings with employees helps to understand what’s happening in the business and ensuring everyone’s still on the same page. By listening to others, they’ll feel more valued in the business and encouraged to continue their good work.

Work on time management

Entrepreneurs almost feel like a one man band when it comes to beginning their business. This makes them unable to manage their time correctly and feel as though there’s too much to do in one single day. The best way to manage your time in a busy schedule is to set out a planned checklist that schedules your daily, weekly and monthly tasks. This helps to split your day and provides priority over what needs to be done.

It can be a stressful period at the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur to start your business. What you need to remember is that there is always support along the way to help you cover the main aspects of your business, whether it’s sorting out the legalities through a Manchester solicitor or the commercial aspect with a mortgage advisor, there’s always help at hand.