ManCapitalGroup Reviews 2021: Can this broker be trusted? (

We have been through times when trading was way harder than what it is today. Traders used to sit with companions all day long discussing the situation of different stocks and trying hard to figure out which ones can be a good buy. I have been trading for more than a decade now and I have seen the profession take different shapes. Today, thanks to the wave of innovation and development which was caused by digitalization, the forms of trading you see are all about ease. Back then, no one could imagine lying in bed making deals worth millions from a distance of thousands of miles. 

However, with great ease came a lot of threats. Like they say technology has always proven to be a double-edged sword. With the introduction of forex firms, which were originally to help all traders make trading more accurate, we saw large amounts of imposters pouring in. These came in with one aim which was to exploit the immature traders no matter what it costs them and no matter how shallow they need to get for it. We have seen these tricksters develop and improve their tactics along with the profession. 

Since they have been designed not to take into account anything before making a deadly attack, it is you who has to be cautious and the one watching out. I have myself suffered immensely at the hands of these imposters so I pretty much understand what you are going through. I remember around 4 fake forex firms have taken advantage of my naive nature. But when it came to the turn for the 5th one, I decided I’ll not let that happen again. I always knew where things went wrong but I was sort of not ready to address and that was why I kept falling for traps. 

A friend of mine told me about ManCapitalGroup, saying that it was the best forum he has done trading with. I was not sure what to say because my experiences made me believe that there was no forex firm that was true to the customers. I kept ignoring it until one day he forced me to go through the website. After looking into it, I could see some aww but it seemed good largely. I told myself, I should see what it has to offer me.  

It took me a good 4 weeks to completely satisfy myself. The firm seemed to be attractive for someone like me who had been scammed multiple times by multiple methods. In my research, I not only looked at the firm and talked to the company’s administration regarding issues like security, but I also talked to a whole bunch of seniors who have been customers of the brokerage firm. They all said it had some minor faults but it was worth the shot. 

If you ask me now, my response would be the same. The broker has its own set of shortcomings but I feel like none of the firms is immune to problems. In the review below, I’ll be talking about what the firm has given me and how some points need to be worked on. I’ll try to put up as many issues as possible with the hope that it helps most of the traders out there. ManCapitalGroup has been no less than a blessing for my trading career because it rescued me in a time where all seemed dark ahead. If you are going through a similar situation, then this broker can be your gateway to a brighter future.


  • Security 

I have had brokers that kept telling me how top-notch their tools and indicators were and how much they would benefit me in terms of accurate predictions and timely decisions. I was impressed initially because I had not seen such indicators before, but after signing up and joining the forum, I got to know that the security measures of the platform were below satisfactory. It came to me like a shock. I tried getting in touch with the administration but they kept ignoring me with their vague replies. That was then when I realized how important it is that the forum has good security and customer support.  

Here at ManCapitalGroup, I have never heard or observed anything which got me suspicious. In fact, I have been bombarding the support representatives with tons and tons of questions all the time. They always manage to satisfy me with their substantial answers. If you want to know more about the forum, you can simply go to the Legal section of the page where you’ll find all the important documents like Privacy Policy, Bonus Policy, Terms and Conditions, Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Risks Disclosure Statement and Anti Money Laundering Policy. All of these have been put up in a very to the point manner without trying to play with the words. If you read these all you’ll see how much the company believes in transparency and clarity. 

  • Theme

The theme is another important factor that has to be brought under consideration before making a decision because when you are going to perform all your operations on a website, it should be easy to use and pleasing to the eyes. All the forex firms that have dark backdrops are a huge no for me because someone like me can’t perform intricate processes like reading charts and getting accurate values when the background is so dark. I like how here a white backdrop has been opted for. Apart from the Backdrop, the red and grey colours are a great combination and go well with the white. Initially, the text was a bit overlapping with the graphics on the phone version but no that has been fixed. We must appreciate how the firm is quick to respond to complaints no matter how trivial they are. The font colour, size and style are also distinct and this makes them easy to read. All the important options have been put in boxes to ensure they are easily found when needed. The graphics are also very well designed and catchy. Videos and small clips could be added to make it even more engaging. 

  • Education 

My father always told me that a firm focuses on the education section of the website. This reflects that they don’t only want you to make large sums of money, but also want you to learn as a trader and keep improving. Here at this forum, I have seen that a lot of attention is paid to the uploaded educational material which is present in the form of books, assets index, glossary and FAQs. I would like to tell you how these FAQs have been saving my time all these years because they have answers to more or less all the questions that come to your mind. These have been grouped under the relevant topics to save your time. The ebooks are also great because they have up to date content. You’ll find me there the most. I like how they have added small descriptive paragraphs at the bottom of the tiles so you get what it will be all about without having to open it. If they introduced video lectures, it would have been even good because not many traders are fond of reading. 


  • Languages

The website is available in a total of two languages and that is what has brought it here. Keeping in mind the fact that a large number of customers from all around the world are making use of the forum, the broker should consider adding more languages because it has been seen that not all of them are equally comfortable with the language English. I understand how a large fraction is ok with English and finds it great working with it but we cannot ignore the others who would have done better if it was their own language or any other which they understood better. Because the broker has been taking care of the variable needs of the traders irrespective of their number, I am hoping that soon they will add more to the list and once again prove that the broker cares for all. 

  • Limited Availability of Hours

The customer support of the website is great. The representatives are highly skilled and professional but the only negative it has is that the operational hours of the department are limited on weekdays and on weekends you cannot talk to them. Because trading isn’t a 9-5 job, traders keep hitting new problems and queries, some of which need to be addressed immediately. This is why I would like to tell you beforehand that you might have to wait. 


The broker, ManCapitalGroup, has been great for me so far. Although there are some problems that need to be addressed soon, despite them I feel like I have been provided with an optimal trading environment here. You can definitely look into it if you are looking for a long term partnership. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.