Microsoft Corporation Stands Towards State Sponsored” Attacks

Jeff Rense & Jim Marrs – The Murderers Are In Management Clip from January 28, 2016 – visitor Jim Marrs on the Jeff Rense Program.

Utilizing beta is much simpler than calculating it. If a stock has beta of 1.0 it strikes in congruence with the market. This means if the S&P 500 goes up 1% in a day, the stock ought to go up 1% in a day. The other is true if the market goes down. If the beta is 2.0, and the market increases by 3%, then usually the stock will go up 6%. Sounds great until the market drops 3% and the stock falls 6%. If the beta is damaging then it strikes inversely, or reverse of the market. Very few shares have damaging betas.

Home Democrats wish to create a statewide ethics commission, toughen a pension-forfeiture legislation geared toward corrupt elected officials, and require that donations funneled to winning candidates for inaugural celebrations be reported like several one other marketing campaign contributions. Home Republican Jim Dines has floated a separate proposal for an ethics panel that would make findings public.

These figures are cold and lifeless indicators of human distress, starvation, illnesses and homelessness. On the same time, south Africa has probably the most unequal distributions of incomes on the planet. The present defense funds clearly absorbs sources which could be invested in infrastructure reminiscent of housing, clinics, jobs, and schools. Civil society needs to be empowered to question why the state is spending R875 million ($one hundred twenty five million) on 12 Rooivlak attack helicopters. The Rooivlak mission soaked R1.17($200+ million billion) in analysis and development money and has didn’t create greater than a hundred jobs.

Hari demi hari, aku makin ngerasain kekeluargaannya disana. Emang sih semua nya pada sibuk, tapi ini nih yang kadang suka aku kangenin, bercandanya di sela-sela kerjaan. ada aja deh pokoknya. padahal kami Cuma anak magang, tapi kami di perlakukan sama seperti semua. Kami di ajak buka puasa bersama. Dan momentnya pas aku magang disana itu banyak banget karyawannya yang lagi ulang tahun. Pokoknya kalau ada yang ulang tahun itu di kerjain deh pagi-paginya, di siram kecaplah, di bikinin tumpukan sesuatu berbentuk kue yang ada lilinnya buat di tiup. hahaha lucu banget deh. pokoknya seru banget.

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