“Mind Ya Business” TikTok Trend

The Temporary: TikTok’s “Brain Ya Company” pattern generally consists of creators sharing their peculiar habits or controversial views executed to Rod Lee’s “Head Ya Biznezz.”



The “Mind Ya Business” TikTok development capabilities creators revealing the many scenarios in which they’d explain to other folks to keep out of their business or somebody else’s — ranging from strange eating routines to to controversial opinions. These movies are executed to Rod Lee’s “Mind Ya Biznezz” (RMX). The lyrics repeat the phrase “Mind ya business” in excess of and above once more. Commonly, these videos are meant to be funny. They commenced growing in level of popularity around mid-July.

At the time of publication, there are around 40,000 video clips linked to the seem beneath creator @braceeface.kay. Her July 6 online video captioned, “When anyone asks for my genuine identify,” featured her hopping close to her residence, as if to evade answering the question.


Fr while why do y’all Wanna know my government😂

♬ primary audio – braceeface.kay

Creator @Ikingsebatian’s movie was a  quite well known take on the trend. His movie was captioned, “Here are a few points guys should NOT have an belief on.” His TikTok garnered more than 1.6 million likes and 4.4 million views.


ib: @angeltianaa waiting for the “s1mP” feedback 🥱 #FashionEdit #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #xyzbca

♬ primary sound – braceeface.kay

His video clip was IB by TikToker @angeltianaa’s video about factors of women’s life that adult men should not have an opinion on. Her online video received about 242,000 likes and 699,000 sights.


♬ first seem – braceeface.kay

Some comical takes integrated bizarre smells TikTokers enjoyed…


yeah ❤️

♬ authentic seem – braceeface.kay

And, unusual earlier instances we all most most likely did as children.


Fellas my doggy began chasing me 🙈🙈#4u #fypシ #me #foryoupage #viral #xyzcba #foru #foryou #foryoupag #relatable #youngsters #funny #genz #material

♬ primary seem – braceeface.kay

Other takes:


She was about to get into it😂

♬ primary sound – braceeface.kay


~ If you glance carefully you can see @erika.rems in the back again

♬ unique seem – braceeface.kay