My Trading College Review 2021 – The Right Teacher For Traders (

A trading course? Are you serious? Why would someone need a trading course to exchange goods for money? Do you think alike? Do you feel trading is just another profession that requires barely any education? If no, then I’m sorry but if luck doesn’t find you you’re gone out of the game. If yes then I’m glad to know this. 

Many people think trading is nothing but a family profession and all you need to do is graduate or don’t and land straight on to the CEO’s chair that your father used before. But this can be one of the greatest mistakes one can make. A good trader always realizes that until someone is well prepared for trading they cannot reach heights. And this is very obvious if an engineer or a doctor cannot practise before getting a well-recognized education, how can you expect a trader to do well without knowing the basics. 

But wait, you don’t need to get yourself enrolled for a full degree program. Yes, because we have My Trading College at our service. It’s not a formal college that’ll give you both stress and heavy fee bills, in fact, it is an online platform that has taken the responsibility of teaching young traders all they need in short time periods. How cool is that?!

I am a science student but I wish to pursue my career as a trader. As a child, I thought trading required no formal education but as I grew up and met established traders I knew it was imperative. However, there’s not only a university that can help you out. In fact, course offering sites like My Trading Course has also been a lifesaver for many young traders out there. 

I am not here to impose my opinion on you at all. In fact, I wish to warn you and save you. When you’re a newbie, you don’t realize that so many tricksters out there are all set to trap you. You have to be immensely cautious before making choices. All you need to do is hit google search and there you go, tons and tons of course offering sites. But which one do you pick? 

Picking an online education site isn’t an easy job. My cousin completed a course, kept paying and when he stepped into the profession formally he realized that he was taught outdated techniques and tricks. I have also heard someone say that they had to study what they didn’t want to because there was no concept of a personalized course. Now the question arises, which site should you go for.  I am here to help you all neophytes through the decision-making process and I’ll attempt on that as I review my own website. You need to grab a pen and a paper so that by the end of the review you have prepared a checklist that holds you back every time you are about to fall into an imposter’s hands.

Course Catalogue

The first thing that you need to look for in a course offering platform is the course catalogue. If a website offers comprehensive and clearly laid out courses, you can definitely move a step ahead. This answer lies with old students or the ones who are currently enrolled. When you’re new there is a misunderstanding that only one single course can help you through the profession. But unfortunately and fortunately this isn’t the right approach. In order to master the art of trading, you need a wide range of courses and each course should be deeply designed to provide answers and solutions to all questions and situations that the young trader might land in. These all deep insights cannot be attained unless separate well-designed courses are put forth. 

My Trading College knows this. And this is why they have a fabulously laid out range of courses that help you grow in all possible directions. I was most impressed by the fact that they cover all sorts of assets such as forex, centralized currencies, stocks, commodities, etc. Some of you must be thinking that other companies have lesser rates but trust me the quality of content that they have to offer you is seriously compromised and is not worth it. Not to mention the fact that the blockchain course offered here is a distinguishing one, you cannot find it everywhere on the internet. 

Course Segregation

It is absolutely right to say that the process of education never comes to an end. Even if you’re in the profession for a decade, you always feel the need to go back to books or videos to top up your knowledge. This is also reflected by the customer base of the forum. If you see, you’ll realize that all sorts of traders are catered. From naive ones to experienced ones, all can come to it. This is why the courses have been put forth in a manner that the complexity varies. The courses have been categorized as 

  • Lite
  • Plus 
  • Pro

As the names suggest, the Lite one is for beginners, Plus is for the ones who’ve got on their way to profits and wish to maximize it. While the Pro is for seasoned ones. 

Lite Courses

The Lite course is for young traders who need to be taught from scratch. Their prior knowledge is either zero or too little for a formal trading start. Enrolled individuals are taught in a manner that they gradually develop know-how of trading and get acquainted with the entire process. They get access to features like market updates and economic calendars. It costs €350.

Plus Courses

Next comes the plus course. Once you’re done with the basic Lite course, you might want to go for the plus course. Although you’ve learnt the art of making profits you have a long way to go and for that, you need more updated and comprehensive information. The tools and instruments here help. you develop a good reputation in the market because in this area it is one of the things that traders make use of the most. I found it commendable because of the way it taught me trading psychology. It teaches you. Also. The daily analysis feature helped me grow as a trader. All you need to pay for this is €700.

Pro Courses

The pro course helps you master the art of trading. With the courses, the complexity increases and also you get to know the most advanced tools that let you understand the economics behind trading deals. If you want to start looking at the market place from a more professional and pro profit aspect, you need to pick this up. BlockChain one tops all. The way it taught me how crypto works and what trend demands what decision in light of blockchain, was phenomenal. You get such remarkable stuff in €1350.

Ease of Access

Ease of access comes next. When you’re just a beginner or even if you’re an experienced trader, you need to go places. You cannot carry your heavy laptops and internet devices with you everywhere. Also, you don’t want a small screen all the time. This is why always see if your forum supports multiple devices. This helps you study anywhere, anytime. My Trading College can be used both from my phone and laptop. It is incredibly user-friendly no matter what device you’re using to access it. 

Moving places reminds me of another plus point.  While I was taking my pro courses, I had to go to a foreign country for a deal. When I landed and opened my phone, I got to know that I could not access my enrolled courses. I was disheartened till I realized that this forum had cross-regional support and in the meantime, I was able to sign up for another course platform. This cutoff is usually because the site isn’t supported in some regions of the world.

This might not be as exciting for other traders because they want consistency so I hope the forum keeps growing and expanding its reach and coverage for interrupted services. 

Easy from Registering to Using

When I first signed up for it, I was hoping everything goes as simple as it did while registering. And thankfully it did. In fact, before registering I went through the website and it was very user friendly. You can easily navigate through the new web page. Also, the white background and purple graphics are top of the line. The register button awaits you once you’re done surveying. It takes you to another page where you have to enter your details and pick an appropriate payment method. I also feel the need to mention that your data is always safe with the company so you don’t have to worry about unknown emails and phones being hacked. 

The Takeaway

Had it not been for My Trading College, I would not have reached the unprecedented heights that I did. Thanks to all the comprehensively designed courses that perfectly fit my needs. There is a lot more to this forum that I could not mention because you get them only when you use them. Also, always be very careful with the courses you pick. Always consider the difficulty level and your needs and wants. This was my part of the experience, good luck to you!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.