NES made of Legos could be the greatest set of all time

The answer we were looking for was: Gen Xers building a classic Nintendo Entertainment System made of Legos, including a Lego TV with the retro “Super Mario Bros.” game on the screen. You were really close, though. Nice work.
Lego has teased a set that lets nostalgia geeks build the original Nintendo console, which debuted in the United States in 1985. The NES came with a “Super Mario Bros.” cartridge, and so, too, does this Lego set. It even comes with a CRT “tube” TV, with dials, a stand and an antenna for good measure.

Although Lego’s tweet revealing the new set is super hard to see, you can make out what’s in it if you turn your brightness all the way up.

Luckily, you don’t have to squint, because the set leaked on VJGamer, a Hong Kong website. The site shows off all the pieces, including the TV, which let’s you “play” the Mario game with a crank on the side. Mario can jump around the screen, smashing blocks and Goombas.

It will reportedly cost $250, which ain’t cheap. But as anyone with Lego-obsessed kids can attest to, sticker shock is just part of buying Legos. For a set that contains 2,646 pieces, that’s still pricey but not out of the ballpark for what similar sets cost.

But is this set … for kids? What nine-year-old even knows what a cathode ray tube is? Or a video cartridge? Or a controller with wires? There’s definitely a nostalgia play here.

For the more technologically advanced Super Mario fans, Lego announced last month that it will sell Mario-themed sets that let people build levels (out of Legos) for Mario to play. Although the Lego set is offline, the Mario character comes with an LCD screen and a speaker that gives feedback as Mario traverses pipes, enemies and other terrain.
The sets start at $60 and go on sale August 1.

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