We live in a content-intensive world, where people want something to read, look at, or watch at all times of the day and with the internet being an easily accessible commodity for users around the world, it makes sense for companies to online forums where they can easily garner a whole new audience. One company that fares ahead of all the others in terms of Internet-based content and could very well be single-handedly responsible for ending the reign of cable TV is Netflix.

Last year the company posted a whopping profit margin of 11.7 billion dollars, which is considerably huge, given the fact that their popularity has just become widespread in the past 3-4 years. The company has since gone public, meaning their shares are now available for purchase. The company has been doing quite well and continues to build on its success. They keep producing new shows and movies, roping in the biggest stars from all over the world. They also release region-specific content, which is meant to lure in more viewers from each specific location, by promising to cater to their needs and demands.

As earnings Netflix date approaches, it would be wise to keep an eye on and even consider investing in the company should an opportunity arise. We shall take an in-depth look at what the options and predictions for the company have come earnings date.

Netflix earnings calendar

We know that the Netflix earnings calendar is fast approaching and it is on 16th October, which is a mere 7 days away. Thus, you should carefully plan your strategy around their activity; if you are looking for opportunities to invest. This time period also makes the most sense, as the volume of trade is almost 6 to 7 times more than what it is on a regular day.

There is the PMAEA, predicted move after earnings announcement which you should keep an eye on. The number is the expected percentage of movement of the stock on the date of the announcement, the number this year is a whopping 12%, which means the volatility of the stock will be much higher than usual. The number means that you should focus on the strike price, which would be double of that, at around 24%, thus making it extremely unlikely to reach that price, but if in any case, it does; buying the stock is an absolute must.

You might be thinking how can this number be any accurate?

The answer is quite simple analysts spend months sifting through mountains of data on the company. Details such as the company performance, its values and fundamentals, and past performance all factor in to produce this number. The usual method is to backtest the numbers to check if the predictions will produce results.

Netflix is a company worth the investment and time, so you should get wiser and make moves that put you in a position to invest in the company. It is a good company with tremendous potential for growth in the future and one on which you can keep your eye on.