New MLM On Your Horizon? Here’s Business Guidelines For Choosing A Network Marketing Company

Pondering joining a new MLM business? Before you pull out your checkbook, here’s a checklist of considerations to look at before signing up for any new MLM.

  • Is the new MLM company led by someone with experience in network marketing? Does the spokesperson inspire confidence? Are support personnel positive, friendly and quick to answer your questions?
  • Does the new MLM provide an easy way for customers to put in orders?
  • Does the company ship orders right away or is a delay normal?
  • Does the new MLM company keep products well stocked or do you have to often wait?
  • How often does the company pay its distributors?
  • Is customer service for the new MLM trained and courteous when resolving customer complaints?
  • Is the company ecommerce prepared?
  • Can distributors get a shopping cart enable site to take orders from and get credit for enrolling new members?
  • Will you get access to a genealogy of your downline and sales?
  • Does the new network marketing company provide regularly scheduled conference calls and events for MLM training?
  • Is the company promotional materials and web site attractive and enticing?
  • How will you feel about putting yourself forward to people as a representative of this new MLM?

The last thing you want to worry about in a new MLM company or an experienced one is having all the systems in place so that you can focus on working with leads and prospects, not putting out fires or resolving problems.

There’s lot of appeal to the idea of joining a new MLM business that is still in the beginning launch phase. New distributors who stick it out and build from the beginning stand to profit tremendously down the line when a network marketing company proves itself to be viable. This is especially true with binary network marketing compensation plans.

On the other hand, working with a seasoned MLM program offers the security of longer experience and brand-name reputation the company has gained.

You’ve asked questions about your new MLM opportunity. Now, it’s time to ask questions about yourself.

From your perspective, you are in a new MLM when you first sign up. For you, it’s a brand new start-up of your own home based business. Often success is determined by your belief in yourself, your ability to envision yourself doing what it takes to make the business grow, and most importantly, taking consistent action steps.

MLM companies invest in well-crafted products that tend to sell themselves and create long-term customers. Other types of businesses spend loads of money on advertising and branding to compete. Network marketing companies take that money and reward the distributors with bonuses and other forms of compensation for their word-of-mouth referrals.

If you’ve joined a brand new MLM, you may not see mention of it in magazines and other media. It takes time for new network marketing companies to get the kind of coverage more established brands have built for themselves.

You’ve probably heard of Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Nu Skin, Shaklee, Tupperware, Avon, Usana, and Watkins. They are among the many MLM and direct selling companies who have reached millions if not billions in annual sales and become household names.

Network marketing companies prefer to invest a significant portion of their revenues back into the field in the form of fast-track bonuses, leadership pools and car payments. So if you are still shopping around for an opportunity, take time to investigate the compensation packages of your prospective new MLM business.

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