My dad used to tell me that a good partner makes the journey easier and more joyful. When I was a kid, I always thought he kept referring to travel partners. When I grew up a little more, I thought he used to talk about life partners but reaching an old age has made me understand what he actually meant. Time and experiences have taught me how important it is to have a partner which is both dedicated and true to you. We all understand how hard it has become in today’s time to get one but giving up isn’t an option anymore. The path to the right partner is a hard one but surely a fruitful one. 

I got to know a few years back how beneficial a good forex partner can be. And by that time, I was well aware of the consequences of a bad one. This was only because, for the first 4 years of my life as a trader, I kept falling into scams laid out by fake forex firms. Their skilful traps barely spared anyone. I cannot forget how every time a new firm would come up with a distinct tactic that I would never spot and hence I kept being trapped. I have lost the count of dollars that I have lost at hands of these imposters and this used to hurt me a lot until a few years back when finally success came my way and I realized that these back to back betrayals have taught me so much. 

I immediately told myself that these lessons should not go in vain and I should convey them to you all in the hope that you’ll take forward my message. Today we will talk about what they have taught me about forex firms as I continue reviewing my firm NostraCapital and giving you insights into how stuff goes on here. 

I would love to tell you that NostraCapital came to me at a time when I had fully given up on my passion. I had partly accepted that trading isn’t my thing and should go and get myself a good job. When my friend saw me thinking this way, he made me talk to his dad who was an established trader. He was the one who told me about this forex broker, in fact, urged me to look into it. When you start your research regarding a firm that runs online the first thing you do is open their website and that’s exactly what I did. I’ll clearly remember how the landing page kept me hooked and if you open it yourself, you’ll agree. The website has a very attractive format that takes one to the depths. I kept scrolling and exploring the website, visiting all the sections and segments. I have to say my first impression was great. 

But format alone isn’t enough when it comes to a forex partner so now was the time to carry out proper research which involved seniors, juniors, current users, the internet, newspapers and the firm administration. It took me around half a year to thoroughly go through all these and one day finally I was ready to join the firm. Although I had spent a lot of time inquiring about the time, I wasn’t sure about the firm beginning trustworthy enough but gradually the service quality won my heart and now I ask all the people who seek advice to look into NostraCapital. NostraCapital has not been free of any flaws but the service has always sort of overshadowed these. So now let’s just get straight into the pros and cons of the forex broker so you all get an idea regarding the criteria to pick a firm and learn more about this broker. 

Important Pros

  • Product Catalogue

NostraCapital has a very well-developed product catalogue that makes sure that the traders are provided with an environment where they grow and learn without any other restrictive boundaries. Currently, the broker is offering around 200 tradable assets that include CFDs, commodities, stocks, indices and much more. Most of the traders who join the broker are afraid to expand and hence never leave their comfort zone. I know them so well because I have been through this time also. When I joined, I knew nothing about stocks and shares but my financial manager helped me learn all that was enough to make my first deal. With time experience came and now I sort of like working with stocks. At the beginning of last year, I bought stocks of McDonald’s and made a profit of around 15% which was very encouraging. 

  • Focus on Customer Support

I have been working with them for so long and this gave me an opportunity to closely observe how their customer support department works. I have to acknowledge how I found it impressive largely with some minor points that need to be worked on. In order to reach out to the representatives, you can make use of call, email, chat and form submission. Because the phone option isn’t available in some countries, they let you live chat so that leaves us with one way to carry out a one-on-one conversation with trained and skilled individuals. The limited availability hours of the representatives are a major hindrance in their way of speedy problem solving otherwise it is all great. There’s one suggestion that I’d like to put out which will facilitate traders all around the globe. If the firm introduces a WhatsApp or a telegram number then the need for an international number will be eradicated and we’ll be able to video call and voice call to reach out to the representatives. 

  • Emphasis on Education

A firm that is concerned about customer welfare emphasizes a lot on education. This emphasis can be seen from the website. If you open it, you’ll find an entire segment dedicated to education only. This is subdivided into categories such as eBooks, glossary, Frequently Asked Questions and Assets Index. I have been benefiting a lot from all of these from time to time. I particularly appreciate how they all have been arranged in a time-saving manner because the grouping ensures you never have to fumble through the website.  However, the segment isn’t updated often and this leaves most of the traders waiting. The number of eBooks is also not enough. I hope they start adding more books to the collection soon. 

  • Diverse Account Offerings

If you open the website, you’ll see that traders are offered different types of accounts. The most basic one requires the least amount of deposit and with the account levels, the deposit amounts keep increasing. I have also seen brokers that offer an all-in-one account but I feel like that isn’t something to flaunt only because all traders have variable and diverse needs. An all in one will make you either underpay or overpay for features to make sure all the needs are catered. When the accounts are segregated each one of us gets an option to pick up whatever suits and that’s the best and the fairest way in my eyes. 

  • Smooth Deposit and Withdrawal

This is something more technical and should be somewhere near the top of your priority list. In one of my last forex firms the news of a fellow trader being looted spread. All the traders took it as a warning and wanted to withdraw their funds as soon as possible. That was when reality unleashed and we saw that withdrawal was made hard and slow on purpose. A good broker ensures that the Withdrawal and deposit process remains hassle-free by employing a network that can support the load. This is the case at NostraCapital. 

Important Cons

  • Language

If you are okay with using the English Language then the broker will work for you but if you aren’t proficient then you might have to suffer a little. This Is because currently the website is being offered in only one Language. Soon more should be added and the switch language option should be placed somewhere near the top. 

  • No Demo Account or Trial Period

Another con that I noticed was that some brokers offer a demo or a trial period where one can trade using fake money to get acquainted with the platform. I feel like this helps not only the young but the old traders also to be sure about the trustworthiness of the broker. At NostraCapital there is no such account so you will have to open a real account in order to join. 


NostraCapital has been a life-changing forex broker for me. It has provided me with all the necessary ingredients required to attain success in a short time period but in a healthy and positive manner. It has most of the qualities a long-term partner holds so you can look into it if you want to save yourselves from the hassle of changing forex firms every day. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.