Perks and Benefits of Top 5 Best Business Class Airlines in the World

Airlines have historically made their business class the best experience possible for the travellers – and it shows! From excellent hosts to cushioned seats, great amenities and more – everything is of premium quality when flying business class. 

Now that the best business class airlines have perfected the craft, and tickets are lower than ever, it is the perfect time to take advantage of it! Take up the opportunity to enter a new world of lavish comfort and explore the world from a more comfortable position.

In this article, we will uncover the 5 biggest reasons why the business class is the way to go.

  1. Rest

What’s the biggest boon of flying business class? You get a sound night’s sleep! That’s right, instead of chairs, your seat can become a comfortable bed to rest in for the night. Avoid jet lag and be ready to take on the day, from the moment you land. 

For example, Lufthansa’s business class offers one of the most pleasant flight experiences available. Thanks to the open-plan design, well-angled seats and the overall architecture of the airplane, your flight will feel more spacious, and personal, than ever before! 

  1. Comfort

With the Singapore Air business class choice, you will be made to feel like a king, with their new instalment of nearly king-sized beds! The double-beds are perfect for extra-long flights and all the bonuses. You can enjoy fantastically fast onboard Wi-Fi, wonderful entertainment options and even the famous ‘Book the Cook’ service. That specific service allows you to partake in your favourite meals, even tens of thousands of miles above the earth.

Business-class options provide you with the most comfortable experience in flights, bar none. Feel the difference for yourself.

  1. Privacy

One of the foremost reasons you would want to book a business class flight is the sense of privacy many will offer you. The Air France business class flight is no exception, with its unique seat design in the reverse herringbone formation, leading to each passenger having their comfortable mini-cabin. Be in your little world during the flight, with no distractions or things preoccupying your mind other than what you choose.

Depending on shifts of regulations, being safely distanced from others during the flight may even mean flying mask-free, but these things are best clarified with your airline.

  1. Space

Some business options are distinct from others, offering you an in-flight experience you simply can’t have anywhere else on the planet. Etihad business class flights do precisely that. Featuring the unique Business Studio – it provides a unique space, separated from others, with a comfortable layout.

Here you can truly make it your own, by enjoying the 1-2-1 staggered configuration and simply taking in all the space available to you. Etihad is also the company known for offering the amazingly lavish First-Class Apartment – an inflight experience that places you in a house of sorts. Be on the lookout for deals with this company, as each flying experience is unique!

  1. Exclusivity

Nothing matches up with the exclusive nature of a business class flight. For example, BA business class is fully exceptional in terms of its Club World – a unique feature for its flights. You receive ready access to spa treatments and private lounges. It’s a smart look, with extremely comfortable seats and a restaurant-style dining experience.

It’s an ideal space to work, sleep or just relax in, offering delicious cuisine and endless entertainment available at your fingertips. That, plus priority boarding and excess to private lounges? You’ve got yourself the deal of a lifetime!

Choosing any of these airlines will make sure you will have an unparalleled, unprecedented experience! We hope you have a great flight and these benefits nudge you towards the best choice for you.