Pregnancy Symptoms

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The joy of giving birth to a new life comes with greater responsibilities and pain. Pregnancy brings along a long list of severe changes in a woman’s body. This also includes considerable changes in the body through hormones. The idea of discomfort comes along with the term Pregnancy. Giving birth is extremely beautiful, but you cannot ignore the abrupt change it is going to bring to your body. Many pregnant women continues working until their pregnancy is at full-term. No matter how inspiring it sounds, but women need an abundance amount of care while they are pregnant and after birth Baby milk powder is very important for any baby. Here are some pregnancy symptoms that pregnant women mostly suffer from –  

Morning Sickness and Nausea 

This is the most commonly faced symptom during pregnancy. For some, it starts from the first two weeks after conceiving. This is a result of the rapid and abrupt rise of the estrogen level. This also results in slowing down the process of emptying the stomach. This symptom usually fades away within 11 to 14 weeks. You can eat smaller proportions of your meal with a shorter gap in between. You can avoid junk food or any oily food. It has been seen in many women that dry food, carbonated drinks or herbal drinks and starchy food has been helpful. 


Another of the most commonly faced symptom is constipation. This is a widely noticed problem and can be seen in a pregnant woman due to the progesterone hormone. Progesterone generally helps in slowing down the process of digestion, which eventually results in constipation. To deal with constipation you can eat more and more green vegetables, fresh and raw fruits and whole grains. All of these have significant amount of fibre in it, which helps in making roughage and gradually helps in dealing with constipation. If you are taking a high dosage of laxatives without checking with the doctor, you should stop taking them. Drinking more prune juices can also help.


Many pregnant women suffer through changes in emotions, body and mind. These are one of the symptoms faced during the first trimester. At this time, the pregnant woman must take adequate amount of rest and should stop stressing themselves out. If you are a working woman and also pregnant, you can take short and quick naps in between your working hours. This will make you feel fresh. Any kind of massages can also help relieve stress. Taking hot or warm water baths can also help you feel relieved.

Leg Cramps 

During the period of Pregnancy, many have complained of suffering from painful foot and calf contractions. However, these are stated as one of some commonly suffered symptoms in many pregnant women. This is faced more during the second and third trimester. To deal with them, you can practice some easy calf muscle exercise that includes stretching. This can be done before you are going to bed and is sure to ease your pain at some level. But it is necessary that you consult with your doctor before you engage in this routine.

All of this can help you deal better with the symptoms and discomfort faced during pregnancy. You can even consult your doctor for more tips in case your symptoms aren’t listed here.  After you give birth, your sole priority becomes providing care and nourishment to the baby. You can provide the best food with Baby milk powder