As more people are starting to embrace greener ways of driving, there has been an increase of electric cars on the roads. Diesel and petrol cars are blamed for lowering air quality and damaging the environment. However, if you are planning to buy an electric car, you will have to prepare your garage adequately. In fact, these changes can add value to your home when reselling.

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Tips for preparing your garage for an electric car

  1. Install a charging station

Currently, there are several charging stations across the country and the number continues to grow. However, relying on charging at remote stations may not be a good idea. This is because some of the charging stations are owned by hotels and business and offer the service privately. The best solution is to install a charging port in your garage.

       2. Know the equipment you need to purchase

In most cases, electric cars come with a charger. So, the part that you will need to purchase is the Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) that contains a wall-mounted box, a cord and plug that supplies the electricity. This system converts the AC power from your house to DV power. It is advisable to place the EVSE close to your parking space for convenience when charging the car.

       3. Seek help

Sharing the garage circuit with other appliances may slow down the charging process. Since charging an electric vehicle add a lot of demand on your home wiring, it is advisable to involve a certified electrician who is familiar with the process. The electrician will be able to conduct the load calculation of the existing circuits and determine the best way to add the charging port.

       4. Climate control

You will need to consider the climate control in your garage. Most electric cars feature batteries that do not handle fluctuating weather well. While keeping the car in the garage will help, it is good to consider adding more protective features. For instance, an insulated garage door will prevent the interior temperature from changing drastically. This can help to extend the life of your car battery significantly.

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