Propane Water Heater Features

Like everything else in life, there are positives and negatives to a propane water heater. If you are currently looking to replace your existing plumbing Brisbane and are deciding between an electric unit and a propane one, this article will help you. It discusses the features of a propane water heater, both positive and negative, so that you can make a more informed decision between the two.

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Propane water heaters are popular, and have been for a long time because of the savings they offer the homeowner on utility bills. It is estimated by industry experts that propane water heaters use about a third of the power that electrics do. No matter what the cost of propane and electricity is in your area, propane units will save you money.

Environmentally, they are good as well. Because they don’t require electricity, they cause the electricity producing plants to have to produce less, which greatly reduces the amount of pollution put into the air.

As far as heating the water goes, both propane and electrics work well. Depending on the make up of the unit and how durable the heating element and tank is, that’s how well your water heater will hold up over time. Whether it runs on propane or electricity is irrelevant.

One big negative to propane units is the fact that they produce carbon monoxide. Of course, there is a venting system but if that were to fail for any reason, carbon monoxide could be released into the home. As you surely know, carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly. Make sure to use carbon monoxide detectors if you have one of these units.

Lastly, the pilot light can potentially ignite flammable materials in the air. Most of today’s units take extra precautions to prevent this so make sure that the unit you go with does.