Pros and Cons of Free Job Posting Sites

Free job posting sites have been widely used by almost everyone. It has been a bridge to connect employers to applicants. It has been used as a platform where employers can post for free, as well as offers a free profile set up for individuals who want to find jobs. However,  just like any other things, free job posting websites have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Free Job posting sites

Free of charge 

As the term goes it’s a free job posting website. You don’t need to pay anything to access its basic features. You just have to create your page then you can post your ads right then and there. Applicants can also create their profiles with their credentials so employers can see them. They can search for job ads and apply by sending messages to their prospective employer.

User friendly and no registration 

Most free job posting sites have user-friendly platforms. They have features on their menus to click for certain options. This makes it easier to follow how the platform works. What’s more, it requires no registration. You can just directly open their sites and create your profile and that’s it.  Some even provide resume creators so applicants will just have to fill in the information and with a click of a button, the resume will be created and posted on your page.

Audience Control 

Once the page is created, companies can filter the audience they would want to communicate with. They can just focus on the applicants with potential since they can use the search button to type the skills they are looking for. The applicant that matches the desired description would appear on the list. Scanning through a bunch of resumes can be tiring. That’s why with this feature, the employer’s time is saved and it will be easier for them to pick a candidate they would like to interview.

Control over job posting progress

When using free job posting sites, employers can track down their recruitment process with the applicants they have chosen. They can organize their progress by using the features that the site provides. It will be more efficient and convenient for them since they can just click the list and mark off applicants that were interviewed previously. If they have already decided whom they will hire. they can simply close the job opening so applicants will know that the job is no longer available. It will save time for the applicant as well as the employer.

Cons of Free Job Posting Sites

Option for payment and registration needed 

Although it’s tagged free, some sites will require you to enter your credit card details and ask you to register before getting access to their sites. The purpose for this is to verify identification or for future use since they also offer paid features to boost your free job ads. If you choose to do so then payment will be charged to your credit card. Another concern will be mandatory registration. This feature discourages people from accessing the free job posting sites for the reason that they may not want the idea of filling in forms and giving all the necessary personal information.

Too wide audience 

There are more individuals on free posting job sites. Since it’s open for everyone, anyone can create a profile and search for jobs here. Chances are applicants will flock to job ads and employers will have a hard time scanning every one of them. Low possibilities for applicants to be hired will also be an issue.

Engagement is not guaranteed 

Although job sites provide almost everything you need on the site, it will still depend on how the user will utilize it because at the end of the day, the user is still the one responsible for creating content for their job ads. If they can pull good and attractive ads then it could go more smoothly.

Free job posting sites might have their pros and cons but it depends on how the user does to make it efficient and convenient for them. Different people have different perspectives, some may get discouraged but some may be motivated to still use and maximize the features offered by free job posting sites.

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