Quick Facts On Garage Doors

A garage door is identified as a door which masks the garage and can be unfolded to grant entrance to vehicles and automobiles. Their size is planned to be big so that they can easily hold trucks or big vehicles. Special openers are used to open them easily.


There are two types of overhead Door repair according to their purpose.

1) Commercial

Garage doors which are designed to be used for commercial means are known as commercial. These are usually used in stores and auto rental businesses. Commercial doors lack different designs, but are made of strong material for durability. Galvanized aluminum and steel is the main material of these doors. Commercials also come with additional fire protection.

2) Residential

Residential doors are those which are generally used to cover the residential places. Their main purpose is to admit private automobiles. If compared to the commercial doors, they are smaller in size, but are available in a variety of designs. Pest resistant wood and fiberglass is used to manufacture residential.

Side Hung

Side hung are regarded as the most simple and traditional in style. They are also sometimes referred to as Barn Doors. As their name suggests, these types of doors hang from side and mostly open outwards from the garage saving much of the garage space. Side hung doors are sold in pairs, but the size of a single door within the pair can vary according to the owner’s requirement. These doors can be automated by using a conventional garage door opener with a conversion kit and allow better pedestrian access.


Wood, steel, timber, fiberglass and aluminum is used as a material inside. Wood provides a better look, but is more expensive and requires higher maintenance. Steel if used as a material is much reliable and long lasting. Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) is the best material for manufacturing side hung garage doors. GRP provides strong, hard, dent resistant advanced complex laminate with an improved effectiveness ratio than steel and is virtually maintenance free.


Side hung doors if made of wood, timber must be painted and checked regularly. It’s best to buy something made up of wood species like juniper, cedar or redwood because these can resist pests like termites easily. Proper inspection is required for garage doors because they may lose adjustment with daily usage. Professional inspectors should be used for this purpose.