Like an odyssey with out end, Greece’s great economic crisis goes on and the predicament of individuals reminiscent of Staikos is igniting new fears of social unrest.

The ruling social gathering has labored exhausting to make it possible for housing is only allotted to its members and their associates and families and to exclude those that are crucial of them as a punishment. Evictions are political; solely those that should not loyal members of the ruling occasion are having their properties illegally destroyed with out court orders. In Lamontville, residents of Madlala Village who went to the Constitutional court docket on 12 February 2014 were advised by local social gathering structures and their councillor that their shacks could be demolished if they brought any party apart from the ANC to the settlement.

Because government gets their cash from taxes/loans/and printing, they remove money from the non-public sector which undoubtedly spends more effectively than our authorities (as a result of most politicians aren’t fluent in businesses and are sometimes non shareholders, plus corruption happens)..dumping this cash all the time results in inflation which they finally combat with raising taxes! So in other phrases, they remove money from us (we spend less), then dump it causing inflation (once more we spend much less and our money is price less) and then increase taxes again (we spend less). That is repeated all through historical past.

Do we have any proof that parliamentary governments are any better at governing? The reply, I feel, is not any. The most effective analysis I do know of is a Brookings Institution volume edited by political scientists R. Kent Weaver and Bert A. Rockman, Do Institutions Matter? Authorities Capabilities within the United States and Abroad. At the danger of oversimplifying the ebook’s careful analysis, let me word three of the editors’ conclusions, which ring even more true immediately than when the guide was printed 20 years ago.

The issues of liberal democracy are problems of capitalist accumulation. The issue of South Africa is the problem of the color of 1’s pores and skin. As we’ve got sen all through this Hub, the ANC is in cahoots and in the identical stride as its former Oppressors. The DA is still the Nationalist social gathering in sheep’s clothing. The ANC is a poor copy of the latter. In every occasion, they work hand in hand, albeit otherwise towards the same end: find out how to create wealth on the backs of the poor and on the identical time accumulate capital and oppress the African Majority, whilst they are at it.